The Waiting, It Turns Out, Is Indeed the Hardest Part


Here it is folks! The Waiting is over… I am guest-blogger on The Waiting today! If you love witty, funny, moving writing… you need to be following Emily at The Waiting. She rocks it every time. Today, she let me sit in, and I am very honored and excited. So run over there and check out my post; be sure to hit Like and make Emily glad she invited me.

Originally posted on The Waiting:

These toddler days are long. They stretch from one bedtime to the next and are abbreviated with snot-nosed tantrums that engulf the days despite their relative brevity. But it’s important for me to constantly remind myself that these days are fleeting, a drop in the ocean of raising a person. That’s part of the reason I’m so drawn to Dawn’s writing. She’s in a completely different stage in her life as a parent than I am, and I am thrilled to have her on the blog today – the very first post of the year – talking about that distinct vantage point. Dawn writes with candor and finesse, and if you don’t already follow her (which you should!), be sure to check out her blog Tales From the Motherland and click “follow.” 


“I wasn’t born your mother.”

I said this in a recent post, An Open Letter to My…

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