The Zen of going from Snarky to Bliss…

Pinch me, but this looks like a good day!  Strangely, it didn’t start out that way, but it’s turned around in the blink of an eye (two hours to be specific). When my alarm went off at the unGodly hour of 6:15, which may seem fine to some of you, but shocks me every day, being more of an night owl than a morning girl, I felt a bit grumpy. No reason, other than the alarm at that point. It’s not like anything unpleasant happened from point A (my bed) to point C (the kitchen), but I just arrived at point C a bit grumpy. But then, there were three teens in various stages of  ‘not really ready for school yet’ and my grump got “ier.”  I came up ready to take on China and the US/Little Man in regards to showers: take them! So I wrote a big note that says “Showers, Today!” and taped it to their lockers. Teen boys don’t want to be told to shower, apparently, but they also seem to avoid showers until the rest of us can’t take it anymore. I happen to have it on good authority that this is happening in households all over America (involving a few girls as well)… and now, I suspect China has a problem as well. Denmark comes up smelling good every morning. She smiled smugly from the counter, way ahead of the boys in morning readiness.

Getting that out of the way, I took note of the general lack of readiness combined with slow movement, and in short order, I was annoyed that they all seemed to be paralyzed over what to bring for lunch. Instead, they were all planning to buy lunch AGAIN.  In fairness, I only pay for one of those teen’s lunch, but I have filled our house with options, because they all told me emphatically, at the start of school, that they did not want to pay for school lunches, and would need food options on hand. So, I’ve spent time and money buying ham, fried chicken, breads (for various nations), noodles, several fresh fruit options, lunch boxes, chips, and all kinds of delights, packaged for kids who bring their lunches… only to see each of them walk out without their lunch boxes for two straight weeks!

Being a tad grumpier version of myself than I was at point A, I snarked something about the waste of food, the laziness involved in not just making a simple lunch and the inequity of a middle aged person like myself needing to get up to say these things in the morning, when a certain Multi-National team should be able to problem solve this together (Cue Charlie Brown adult speak). Denmark looked slightly amused by my snarkiness and slightly sanctimonious, as she clearly felt the (male) colleagues representing China and the US were the problem, not her, though I noted that she had no lunch prepared either. China was immediately confused and anxious that “ma” seemed to be glowering, but asking me several questions about which tupperware lid fit the dish in his hand, did not help my growing grumpy. “Look. In. The. Drawer!”  US became a tad rude, because, as my biological child, he felt entitled to be disrespectful and surly on behalf of the group. He threw a few “we just woke ups,” “we don’t have time in the mornings,” (hello, get up earlier!), “it’s not that easy” and a “the stupid bus is coming 5 minutes earlier!” just to make his point logistically sound. Denmark rolled her eyes and caught my annoyed grimace, as China asked for the umpteenth time if he could eat the chicken I bought for lunches.  Note, she was still sitting at the counter, not making lunch. I think that’s when I said, a tad louder than they anticipated: “yeah, I’m grumpy too and I wouldn’t even need to be up, if people knew how to take care of themselves.”

Way to silence the UN.  “Umm, oh oh, ma’s cranky, now what do we do!” was written all over China’s face, Denmark looked even more amused, but got up and put together a quick lunch and US sulked to the toaster to get his breakfast going, as we all looked at the clock and realized the bus was probably five minutes out, if it was in fact coming five minutes early.  US and Denmark had a brief debate over what time the bus would arrive as the District sent a vague message to all households that  some bus routes would be running earlier, due to new riders. US was “certain” that these effects, IF there were going to be any, would not happen until tomorrow and Denmark was “certain” that they went into effect today. US snarked, quite clearly snarked, a response to Denmark and then quickly added, “sorry, I’m just a little grumpy this morning.”  (Points for well time, if cranky apology).  “Sounds like we all are a wee bit grumpy today,” I added. They continued the debate until the now increasingly unloveable ma said: “It doesn’t really matter. You can each go out whenever you want, but know this: if you miss the bus, you ride a bike to school today. So it will only matter who’s right if one of you, on the bus,  passes the other on a bike.”  Silence.

Suddenly lunches were made; the nations came together in their resolution that ma should not be tangled with on grumpy mornings and they headed out, on Denmark’s bus schedule, as US would rather die than ride his bike to school. Ahhh. I made my latte and noticed, finally, that my sweet dog Luke was still waiting for a proper greeting. I had to smile as I heard the bus go by five minutes later than usual and could almost hear US call out to Denmark, across the bus: “See!  I told you!  We didn’t need to be out here so early!” And I could see Denmark roll her eyes and smile.

It looked like maybe it was turning around? They were gone and I could relax a littlle… Until, hubby (who seems to be sleeping in later than me most morning these days!) came up and wanted to discuss new furniture options (at 7:f’ing20 in the morning?) and felt the need to correct the amount of ground coffee I had in the scooper:  “You need a little less than that. I’ve noticed that when you put too much in it spills out and the machine doesn’t work as well.”  (Cue Charlie Brown adult speak). I made my latte (no grounds spilled, for the record) and shuffled to my computer in my space, the dining room, away from his space, letting him know as I departed, that I was getting a “little grump… ier.”  He glowered through the wall, I could feel it.

Eventually, he left for work and I sat down and took in some glorious silence.  And some good things began to happen. Two friends, who live far away, were on line and I got to (silently) “chat” with them for a while. It was clever banter, sprinkled with sarcasm that I need, humor and a no nonsense approach to any whining I might have been compelled to do, at that point. It brought me right around and made me smile.  Thank you friend. Then, I looked up and there it was:  the sun cutting through the fog and sending golden rays through the evergreens around our house. I ran and got my camera and went out in my pjs to capture it, and I came back and started this post. There it was, the inspiration to write. Long, glorious exhale.  ( ^^ View from the front of the house and of the water, socked  in with fog –>)

I was clipping away on the post when I noted that it was 9:12 and yoga begins at 9:30; perhaps I’ll skip and get this done; I’m in my groove. Nope, I had vowed I was going this week and I ran down, threw on tights and tank and was out the door in five minutes flat. The drive was gorgeous, as I watched the fog break over the water and the blue sky pushing in. Pink’s Sober was playing and it just speaks to where I’m at lately. (Ok, pause:  No, I am not revealing a substance abuse problem here, it’s a metaphorical thing. The lyrics fit my current travels perfectly.  And, I sing Pink, loud and well… especially in Vegas… so it added to my diminishing grump and added to my rising bliss).

I arrived at yoga before the start of class but not before 40 other people. The “Back to School” crowd has arrived and all those people who think they’ll try yoga, or want to start a new routine had filled every space in the room, including MY space in the back corner. But, bliss had begun to soak in and I just smiled and chose a spot, front and center. Not where I live to be, but at least I was there.  As I took my shoes off to set up my mat and get ready, I looked down and realized that I’d grabbed two shoes of different colors. Principessa makes the point that I don’t need two pair (let alone more) of the same shoes, in different colors and for this one moment, she had a point. Generally, I figure that’s none of her business, but that’s another day, another argument. Instead, some other woman stepped up beside me and said: “Wow, that’s so cute and creative, the two colors! I wouldn’t have the courage to pull that off.”  Ha!  I went in and spread out my mat, with a bigger “shit eating grin.”

The heat was nice for a change. My tights and tank felt like a second skin and the air was warm enough to kiss the skin but not overwhelm. That would change as we all started to really move, but it worked at the start.  And there I was, on the floor and I just felt so good!    I felt removed from things and grounded, yet totally inspired by every color and sensation I had. The light from the window was beautiful and the peek of blue sky inspiring. Bring on that sun! The people moving around me added to my energy, instead of distracting from it. Of note, hot yoga guy was not there, but I’m pretty sure I could have done it even if he’d been there, today. I just felt strong.   I took on each advanced pose, and while I may not have looked like Amy doing it, I did them. I breathed through Dying Warrior (the name alone sent many to Child’s Pose) and I felt that out of body zing that comes from really being tuned in and connected to the experiences you have, yet detached from the outcomes. As I lay on my back, the sheets across the ceiling and the colors dancing off the walls just made me want to cry, for the simplistic beauty of it. At one point, I saw a fine piece of lint floating down through the beams from the window and I followed it all the way down, as I held Pigeon Pose. Oh to capture that with my camera.  (All this lovin’, coupled with the Pink song, is probably fueling more rumors of my addiction, but alas, it was just me being “hippie”).



(My feet, the room, Ganesha, the ceiling, window, Amy’s mat with singing bowl)

Driving home, I put the windows down, sang some more Pink and came home feeling stronger and more inspired:  I will accomplish things today; I can feel it. Grumpy is gone and Bliss has filled the space.  And there, when I got home, as the reminder that we all need sometimes, was the note to take a shower… sweaty mom needs one now too!  A note written in a totally different frame of mind, but reminding me that  things shift and change, in either direction.  I’m prepared to balance both now. I’ve worked my body and my mind and the rest of the day is open for interpretation. Bring it on!

What moves you?  What turns around a bad day and makes it a kick ass splendid one?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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2 Responses to The Zen of going from Snarky to Bliss…

  1. Valery says:

    OK, now I’m having trouble reading through the tears of laughter! You’ve done it again, DQ!



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