Friday Fictioneers: Flash Fiction

(Me, writing fiction, briefly… yes, it’s possible)

3/6/19 Fade To Black

2/12/19 Blue

2/6/19 Hope Burns

2/1/19 Call Of The Wild

1/23/19 Infinity

4/12/17 End of the Diet

3/18/17 And Round We Go

3/11/17 Children And Race

3/1/17 First Love

2/23/17 No Words

2/18/17 After Work-

2/2/17 What’s Left-

1/18/17 Make Us Great Again

1/14/17 You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down

1/4/17 The Cost of Bread

12/30/16 New Year’s Eve, Trumped

12/21/16 Aleppo, Syria-

12/17/16 In The Cold Morning

12/7/16 A Break In The Sky

11/16/16 Texting While Driving

11/10/16 Up From The Debris We Rise, Maya Angelou

11/6/16 Word Play

10/26/16 What She Holds On To As The Colors Fade

10/24/16 Magic-

7/6/16 Because They’re All The Same, Muslim Attacks

5/28/16 Rainy Day Thoughts

5/18/16 ‘Aint Nothin’ Easy In This World

4/29/16 Something Wicked This Way Comes

4/23/16 Brain On Fire

4/14/16 Let My People Go

3/3/16 Drained

2/6/16 The Salmon Run

1/27/16 Stone Cold Decay

1/13/16 From The Inside Out

1/6/16 Friendly Skies

12/23/15 The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care, Christmas Humor

12/16/15 Love Don’t Pay The Mortgage

12/11/15 Canary In A Coal Mine

12/6/15 Light At The End Of The Tunnel

11/25/15 Suicide

11/25/15 The Sun Also Rises, Grief-

10/19/15 I Got You Babe–

10/8/15 Exactly 100 Words of Gratitude-

9/24/15 Jesus Saves

9/16/15 An Extra Word For Mom

9/9/15 World Trade Center Attack

7/30/15 Addiction-Alcoholism

7/10/15 On The Day You Were Born

7/3/15 Color It A Man’s World

6/18/15 This Day And Each Day Forward

6/3/15 Swimming Lessons

5/9/15 Vodka Fog

4/30/15 Dance With Me In Barcelona

4/22/15 Requiem For The Sun, In Honor Of Earth Day

4/17/15 Burnin’ Down The House

4/9/15 The House My Mother Built

4/3/15 Leavin’ This House Full of Hard

3/26/15 Lost In The Music, Dementia

3/21/15 Never Again

3/9/15 This May Or May Not Be Fiction

2/26/15 Out Into The World She Boldly Walks

2/2/15 Breakfast Of Champions

1/21/15 I Have A Dream

1/14/15 Oh Sweet Anticipation

1/7/15 I’ll Take Your Word

12/27/14 Scotch On The Rocks

12/18/14 Abeni Pleads

12/10/14 Here Comes The Flood

12/3/14 Pale Brown Memories

11/27/14 Thanksgiving Far From Home

11/20/14 The Michelin Man Knows Otherwise

11/12/14 All That Glitters

11/6/14 Guys And Dolls

10/29/14 Rapprochement

10/8/14 I’m Talking To You

10/4/14 She Drifts

9/25/14 I Am Born

9/17/14 Abuela Words

9/3/14 Be Careful What You Wish For

9/1/14 Broken Dreams

7/23/14 Smokin’ Babe

7/17/14 Missing

7/10/14 My Ever Practical Boy

7/2/14 As Time Marches On

6/24/14 The Memory Tree

6/18/14 The Dream House-

6/12/14 Sweet Anticipation

6/5/14 All Is Lost

5/28/14 I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

5/21/14 Misty Memories

5/14/14 Against The Crowd

5/8/14 May 11, 2011

4/30/15 For My Boy

4/24/14 Musica Para Llorar, Music To Grieve By

4/16/14 What A World, What A World

4/9/14 The Wedding

3/25/14 See Amy Run

3/19/14 The End Of Love

3/12/14 Heaven Or Hell

3/5/14 Why She Finally Clubbed Him

2/26/14 After The Sangria

2/19/14 And The Sun Shone Down

2/12/14 Olé

2/5/14 Until You Find Me

1/29/14 No Smoking

1/22/14 Los Viejos, The Old Ones

1/15/14 Silent Prayer

1/8/14 Couds In His Coffee

1/3/14 Auggie’s Got Game

12/27/13 Into The Woods

12/18/13 What’s Left, A Poem of Loss

12/18/13 By The Sea

12/12/13 An Unfinished Book

12/11/13 The Trail Of Tears

12/4/13 Purple Haze

10/30/13 Something’s Fishy Here

10/23/13- Go Bold Or Don’t Play

10/16/13 Now We’re Cooking

10/9/13 Remember Me

10/3/13 Pecked To Death

9/25/13 Into The Blue

9/19/13 Moving On

9/12/13 Sparkle On The Water, Dust In The Wind

8/8/13 Boxed In

*     *     *

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