Friday Fictioneers: Because They’re All The Same

Rumors of my demise are vastly exaggerated, but… it’s been way too long. Stick, stack, stuck… too much going on, and not enough writing being done!

If you’d like to read more of the great stories from the Friday Fictioneers, or contribute your own, check out Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog Addicted to Purple. This week’s photo prompt comes from Jan Marler Morrill. As always, I welcome honest, constructive feedback.


©Jan Marler Morrill


Because They’re All The Same

“Hate is hate, Lovey, regardless of the how others spin it.”

Jo held Tawny’s hand, the child searching her face.

“But aren’t they all terrorists, Gramaw? That’s what Josh said at recess. He said it’s better they’re killing each other, than killing us.” Her brown eyes filled with tears. “Are those people gonna kill us?”

“Sugar, bad people do bad things, but there are no those people. The people in that market were celebrating a time of peace, just like we want peace.”

She hugged her granddaughter.

“No one is gonna kill you, baby, but narrow minds hurt us all.”

(Word count: 100 exactly)

*     *     *

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61 Responses to Friday Fictioneers: Because They’re All The Same

  1. neilmacdon says:

    If I were being perfectionist, I might criticise the foregrounding of the politics and the backgrounding of the narrative, But I won’t, because this needs to be said. Again and again

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  2. michael1148humphris says:

    Well written. Terrorism kills only the innocent.

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  3. Graham Lawrence says:

    That’s an excellent last line to a great little story!


  4. A perfect lesson from Gramaw. The only thing that slipped me up in my reading is the ‘love’ after the two hates. I thought she was going on to say something about love, rather than just that being a name for her Granddaughter. A very minor thing in a lovely story.

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  5. Dear Dawn,

    Granmaw i a wise and sensitive lady. Would that this were true of all people. I think the first line will read better without ‘love’…another term of endearment perhaps? I get the contrast against ‘hate is hate.’ Nicely done.



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    • Thanks Rochelle; between you and Claire, I think I’ll give “love” another look. 😉 It was really late, and I made that change just before publishing. Then, I was up really late reading Say Kaddish For Me!

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      • Dear Dawn,

        Between you and Björn you have me doing a happy dance. To know the reason for your being up late was to read PSKFM fills me with joy. Björn mentioned that he’s read it and is on the second book. Woohoo! Book number three is within a couple of weeks of being submitted. Edit and proof. time.

        Shalom again,


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  6. Very powerful story with an amazing last line! Missed you…;)


    • Thanks so much, Loré; I’ve SO missed writing! Haven’t felt inspired enough each week, though that didn’t stop me my first year: when I didn’t miss a single prompt! I really need to just get back into it.

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  7. Yes and yes… we talk too much about the differences… what a fitting story now at Eid al-fitr, the only difference is when we celebrate for most of us.

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    • So true, Björn; too bad we don’t celebrate it year round! Thanks for the feedback; it’s much appreciated.


    • Since the Muslim calendar is lunar and, unlike the Jewish calendar, doesn’t add a month to keep in line with the solar year, it goes back through all the seasons. From 2005-2007 Ramadan coincided with the Jewish High Holy Days and after Yom Kippur many Jews and Muslims broke their fast together. Sometime in the 2030’s Eid al-Fitr will coincide with Christmas.


  8. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Wonderful message, Dawn. And captured in a few short words. So glad to see your post today.

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  9. Sandra says:

    Missed you! and sorry to have beaten you to the post. 🙂 Same comment about hate/love so close together but a truly memorable story that will, sadly, hold currency for many years yet. Well done Dawn.

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    • Thanks so much Sandra. This week, with situations in our news, that turn my stomach, the sadness of the world, hate/love are sobering topics. I always appreciate your feedback, but this comment means a lot. Thanks!


  10. Well done. I often don’t think we need to be reminded of the results of hatred, yet we do need it time and time again. Glad to see you back.


  11. Children often pay the biggest price of all!


  12. A beautiful and touching story. I love Gramaw!


  13. ceayr says:

    Excellent writing, powerful message.
    Very well done.


  14. wmqcolby says:

    Well, I’d say the sabbatical hasn’t deteriorated your writing abilities. Like the farmers know, it’s good to let the land lie fallow for awhile. I did that for eleven months, then got back to it. What a difference!

    Same for you, Dawn. Fine writing!

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  15. trentpmcd says:

    Very well done and a very important message.


  16. Mike Lince says:

    When people say, ‘Love is the answer,’ or ‘God is love,’ that is perhaps philosophically satisfying, but I think it is too simplistic. Your story gives these words meaning with a story of love we can all relate to, which is why we need writers like you. Welcome back. – Mike

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  17. rgayer55 says:

    That’s what people say about us hillbillies–no shirt, no shoes, no teeth–okay, maybe one tooth. We’re not all inbred, and some of us even how to tell the front of our underwear from the back (brown stripe vs. yellow). We all need a Grandma like the one in your story. I was blessed to have one who was tolerant and loving.

    P.S. – Missed you. It’s good to see you back.

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  18. Great story and great lesson. Hate is hate and it never reaps a reward.


  19. This is a beautiful story with a beautiful message! Phenomenal job! Sadly there are many who will find this message offensive.


  20. liz young says:

    Most of us are trying to bring our grandchildren up the same way, but it’s hard when they see and hear the hate all around.

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  21. gahlearner says:

    This lesson can’t be repeated enough. The us and them scategoating is spreading everywhere. Great story, and good to see you back. 🙂

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  22. Jan Brown says:

    A timely and beautiful story, Dawn. Glad to have you back!


  23. Miles Rost says:

    With everything happening in the world at this moment, it’s a perfect story to post. Excellent timing, Dawn. Excellent timing.

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  24. Margaret says:

    It must be so confusing for children – with so much information available to them about the world in all its ugliness. It’s harder than ever to balance that with the right perspective. You show this beautifully in your story.


  25. Lovely reasoning on Grandma’s part, Dawn. It was a valuable lesson. Good writing. 🙂 — Suzanne



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