Friday Fictioneers: Auggie’s Got Game

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers, but Word Press has stopped sending me the posts I follow! Alas, I am late again. It’s the amazing flash fiction challenge, which I wait all week for! Check out Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, to join in, or to read the other wonderful stories in the collection. This photo is for Rochelle, but Happy New Year/ Bonne Année to all!


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Photo: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Photo: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

(100 words exactly)

“Come down Auggie!”  Jessie stamped her foot and pat her leg.  “Auggie, peese come down and pway!”  She looked longingly at her companion, willful and determined.

The small terrier gazed over the wall at the park and the woods beyond.  His best friend  couldn’t possibly understand the thrill of running untethered, or the joy of so many trees to mark.  However, he couldn’t bear to see disappointment on her tiny face; the field would wait. His humans were amused by his ability to climb a tree; they had not figured out that he could climb over the fence as well.

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53 Responses to Friday Fictioneers: Auggie’s Got Game

  1. I had a feeling he could climb the walls. He’s probably up to no good tricks, but at least he’s sympathetic to the humans. Good one, Dawn!


  2. Dear Dawn,

    Just remember to check out the Friday Fictioneers page on Wednesday. So far I haven’t missed a Wednesday morning. Usually it’s the first thing I do upon arising and after coffee.

    Sweet story. I think the dog is not only sympathetic to humans, she knows from whence comes her doggie treats. 😉



    (Love that gravatar)


    • The gravatar is for you, dear Rochelle. How could I pass on your suggestion? I know I should check, but my head is still not processing clearly and without the reminder in my inbox, I keep missing all kinds of blog posts! Totally forgot it was Thursday… until I checked! Arrgh. I will have to start finding a new way to remind myself… until I’m back to baseline. 😉 You are up awfully late tonight… or very early tomorrow! Thanks for reading. Shalom.


      • The latter. I’m usually up by 02:30. It’s also when my FF post goes live on Wednesday. If you like I can start sharing the link on your FB page on Wednesday. I’m happy I made the suggestion on the gravatar. That’s very sweet of you.


        • Some weeks, I’m up at midnight and see it go live. Most weeks, however, I’m in at about 20’something. I just have to get into the habit of checking Reader. I just got lazy, with emails coming directly to my box! As for bedtimes… up at 2:30!! When do you go to sleep?? Do you sleep? Wow. You amaze me.


  3. Mike Lince says:

    This is a fun change-of-pace storyline from you. With all that you have gone through in recent weeks, maybe I was expecting another emotional gripper. This time I got a playful pup and small child. That resonates right now because I am reading a story about a boy and his dog to my grandson – via Skype, of course. Kids and dogs. I bet you have a bunch of stories like that! – Mike


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  5. mike olley says:

    Ah! My dog used to do that, escape from the back garden and run around the neighbour’s properties. But she only ever did it when we went out, so we never knew – she was always sitting in the back garden whenever we returned. We only found out when a neighbour told us. Susie, the dog, could hear my Dad’s VW engine from miles away, giving her enough time to get back into our garden and develop an innocent look. (Thank you, Dawn, for reminding me.)


  6. Carrie Rubin says:

    So like a dog to put his own desires secondary to humans. 🙂

    I haven’t been getting email alerts either lately. It’s been hit or miss, and when the alert does come, sometimes it’s a couple days late. Weird.


  7. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Several months ago my WP notifications went AWOL, then suddenly reappeared. Never did figure out what happened! So annoying!
    Anyhoo, fun story, Dawn. That dog must have some fox-blood in him or something. Very cute pic! And I loved your interpretation.


    • I thought the photo was adorable too! Like seeing a goat in a tree. 😉 I am so frustrated with the notifications! I’m so habitual and when they don’t show up in my email inbox, I forget Reader. I’ve missed so many great posts recently!

      Thanks for checking out this post; so glad you like it. 😉


  8. Sandra says:

    Aww, nice one. Auggie is saving the best until last. And until she’s a bit older.


  9. zookyworld says:

    Not only is this dog very talented, it’s also very sweet to choose playing with the girl instead of running in the field. That field can certainly wait for another time.


  10. Delightful tale, sweetly told.
    But, AnElephant asks, do you know you have a wee thingy on your nose?


  11. Glad you’re feeling better. WordPress, however, has been attacked by gremlins lately. I’ve also been kicked off my subscription to the Weekly Photo Challenge before. Who knows why? I really liked your story.



  12. Lyn says:

    Nice story Dawn. I think Auggie is not just a solid little dog, but has solid character too. 🙂


  13. kz says:

    aww i liked that Auggie willingly chose to stay with her. such an interesting character.
    love unicorns! happy 2014 as well 🙂


  14. susanissima says:

    Happy Friday fun! Shorts are a sweet way of exploding out literary energy, eh writer?


  15. Oh this is sweet.. I think you are right. Dogs are faithful and stays because they want to stay… not because they are thehtered….


  16. I hope he never leaves her side for greener fields.Every dog I had did.


  17. rgayer55 says:

    Dear Dawn,
    I loved the nose. I guess we’re kindred spirits in that respect. Auggie is such a thoughtful little pup. I like that he puts his best friends wishes first. We should all follow his lead.


  18. pattisj says:

    Cute story. Love your fireworks background.


  19. Danny Bowman says:

    That dog reminds me of the one I have! Willful, but she’ll listen in the end.


  20. plaridel says:

    great story. i enjoyed reading it.



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