Friday Fictioneers: The Memory Tree

friday-fictioneersArrgh! Late already, I forgot to add my link!

What a whirlwind! I almost missed this week, as I’ve been busy with four very full days in Iceland. Nothing could have prepared me for such “epic” beauty and adventure! It’s hard to find time to write when you’re caught up in Icebergs, lava fields, glaciers, quaint towns, and welcoming people. It has been long days and too little sleep– with the midnight sun, keeping it light all night! If you’re interested in the sites, check out Tales From the Motherland, on Monday, when I’ll post some photos and details. I haven’t wanted to miss a minute, so I’m getting this in late, and with little time to read other stories this week. I’m on my way to Denmark now, and then Sweden. I promise to catch up as soon as I can!

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©Madison Woods

©Madison Woods

The Memory Tree  (98 words)

It had been twenty years since Elaine and Vince had seen their son Jimmy. The nine year-old went out to play and was never seen again.

They tried to be good parents to their remaining children, but laughter was often forced. Many days Elaine went to Jimmy’s room and lay on his bed until her other two children came home.  She dusted weekly but moved nothing.

An oak tree in the front yard grew large and strong, eventually swallowing the handlebars of Jimmy’s bike– a daily reminder of the passage of time, and an inability to let go.

*    *    *

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34 Responses to Friday Fictioneers: The Memory Tree

  1. Very dang cool!

    Have a great trip, Dawn!


  2. Oh, that bike in the tree has a powerful punch. It shows they’ll never be able to let go without cutting down the tree. Brilliant metaphor, Dawn. Have a great time on your travels.


    • Thanks Karen. When I saw the photo a few days ago, the idea kind of came to me… that something had become stuck in the tree. However, it wasn’t until I was on the plane to Denmark that I had a few minutes to look at it again and come up with a story. I only had 15 minutes of computer time! I’m hoping to catch up on other stories tonight… as we are on the go each day, all day! Thanks for stopping by.


  3. jgroeber says:

    Oh, that’s a novel in 100 words. A novel, I tell you.


  4. Dawn, Lovely but very sad story. It must be more than difficult to let go of even a small part of the memory of your child. It’s something none of us parents want to ever have to face. Well written as always. —Susan


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  6. liz young says:

    Oh how sad – a mother’s worst nightmare. I have four children and two grandchildren – Heaven forbid anything ever happens to them.


  7. Such sadness… The symbolism of the bike being swallowed is a strong one… I have seen how one lost child affect the refining ones…


    • Yes, sad and far too familiar. Thanks for your thoughts Björn.

      Any idea where you’ll be July 11-14? Looks like we’ll be in/around Stokholm.


      • We will most likely not be here.. But if weather continue like this we might cancel our backcountry adventures. If I’m home it would be nice to have you over (-:


        • Just keep me posted, Björn. I totally understand, either way. The weather has not exactly been ideal. We keep joking that the “midnight sun” is the only sun we’ve seen since arriving in Scandinavia! Yesterday it was sunny for a while and I got a sun burn, and today there were glimpses, in between rain showers! However, we are used to that at home… we didn’t come for the weather. 😉 Any special restaurants you recommend in Stockholm? Museums and Uppsala are high on my son’s list… I am just tagging along, to take in the vibe and enjoy our brief taste of Sweden. If you’re in town, email me, or FB message me… Ciao!


  8. Dear Dawn,

    I really didn’t expect to see a story from you this week and we’d all have understood. I appreciate and admire your dedication.

    I’ve seen a picture of a bicycle embedded in a tree before. You put a story to that image. Nicely done.




      • This is not all that far from where I live. I’ve seen it, and others… and the image brought that to mind, right away. I only had about 10 minutes of energy left in my computer… and fortunately, this story came to me easily this week. Sometimes it works that way. 🙂


    • Thanks Rochelle. I plan to not miss a prompt, for one year. So far, I’ve managed… I just need enough wifi to get the image, and the post later. It’s been harder to read the other stories, this week… one of my favorite parts! Unfortunately (or fortunately) we have really been go, go, going! Totally exhausted every night when my head hits the pillow! Thanks for taking the time to comment, while you’re on vacation, Rochelle. I hope you’re enjoying your time with friends and family! Shalom. Dawn


  9. What a sad story! Well written,very gripping!


  10. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Dawn in Denmark! Hope you are having a midnight (almost) sun there too! Wow, I loved your story – and it is spot on as to what people will do to protect the memory of a child. Woe is me if ever I lose a child or grandchild. I pray that it never happens. Your vacation was much more interesting than mine, I’m sure. See you when you can write again! Nan 🙂


  11. subroto says:

    A sad story but one that captures the sense of loss very well.


  12. I’m sorry buy I can’t stand these tales of incredible loss. I had to look away, which while reading is very hard to do. Enjoy your trip. Am SO jealous. but can’t wait to read all about it.


  13. helenmidgley says:

    Such a sad tell, well told 🙂


  14. Heart-breaking use of the prompt, Dawn. Good job. Have a blast on your continued travels. We leave Friday. Hurrah for vacations!




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