Everything Is So Amazing! (If you stop to notice…)


It’s been a very long while, blogging friends. Some of you have no doubt forgotten me. I would understand; it’s a fickle world sometimes, and out of sight… out of mind. Admittedly, my head has been in other places. Stuck? Yes, a bit. Writing has not flowed like it usually does… even though my thoughts are endlessly writing something new. But I’m currently in Israel, with my 8 month old grandson (who I’m not allowed to share here) and I get so swept up in his brand of magic, that I forget to do much else… including sleep! I’ll catch up later. I always tell my kids “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!”

We attended our daughter’s wedding just 2 days ago and I’m still floating. I wrote this piece a while back, and never posted… the magic of the past few days reminded me to put it out there. *Note: the sweet photo included, with my grandson, doesn’t show his face, so I feel like I’m not really breaking any rules. In the land of grandma brag rights, let me tell you: this baby is yummy beyond words!

Do you believe in magic? Do you still embrace wonder? It’s easy to get so caught up in the daily hum, that we miss it. Take a moment and look out your window–– notice the color of the light outside. Look at it a few hours later and it’s changed. Magic! When was the last time you rode in a car and realized how incredible it is that we move from point A to point B in minutes, when walking would take so much longer. We load our groceries in that car; we load our children, but we don’t pay attention to it. Imagine how people felt, when they first transitioned from foot to horses and then enjoyed the magic of cars!

IMG_2513The planet we live on gets smaller and smaller all the time, as we have more ways to connect and be together. I turn on my computer and my new grandson, who lives in Israel, is laughing while I sing to him. Just a few years ago, my babies were small and my own mother, had to wait for us to visit, or for me to send photos–– real photos, that had to be developed, printed, and then mailed… in an envelope with postage. Today, a digital photo is ready as soon as you snap it, and can be round the world, online, in another snap.

I dream of flying fairly often. I watch birds and envy their freedom to soar. When was the last time that you flew somewhere and realized that you are in the air, flying. When I need to be with my daughter and my adorable grand baby, I get on a plane on the west coast of the U.S., stop in Toronto, and exit about 24 hours later in Israel–– 7,000 miles away. Magic! We’re served food, and use bathrooms, at about 40,000 feet above the ground, and forget how incredible it is.

When was the last time you looked at the people you love and thought about how incredible it is that we connect and make bonds that sustain us. Some times when I look at my children, I am still rocked by the knowledge that I helped make them. I connected with another human, and created three more humans. Now, one of them has met her love, and created another new little person, my first grandchild, who makes everything glitter. Magic! We are surrounded by incredible things, every day of our lives, and so often we forget to notice them. We forget to be amazed.


This little person fills my world with sparkles!

There have been so many incredible advances: in medicine, technology, science, that it’s easy to forget how incredible things are. In my lifetime, man went to the moon. Now, I send a message from one end of the U.S. to Israel, in seconds. I call there for free, when I had to pay $10 a minute, to call Australia, when I was in college and in love. The wonders of distances and how we bridge them, spins my head.We are literally surrounded by wonder and magic, some of which we’ve forgotten to be awed by. Even after all these years, I’m amazed when I watch a space ship take off; I’m mystified by the images that come back from Mars, and I felt giddy each time I saw an update from Commander Scott Kelly, during his year in space, on the International Space Station. Have you stopped to think about how incredible it is that there are humans living, up in space–– looking down at us right now? That one of them was sending updates on Twitter, daily–– It blows the mind! How often do we stop to notice that we live on a spectacular blue planet with endless life forms and infinite wonder and options?


This little person fills my world with sparkles!

Recently I had a conversation with my husband and youngest son, about Earth and other planets, and all the incredible things that we take for granted right here. They humored me, aware that I often sound like I’m tripping. I had seen in the news that an image captured on Mars “looks just like a mouse.” It does! My husband and son were insistent that it couldn’t be a mouse. And, if it were, it couldn’t survive on the salt water on Mars. Why not? We have no evidence of what can and can’t live on Mars. Where’s the wonder? If our planet holds so many wonders, why can’t another planet hold equal mystery? Perhaps there are mice on Mars, that thrive on salt water and red rocks.


Are there mice on Mars?

We dream of flying, and we can. We have phones that bring the whole world into our hands. We switch on our televisions and can be almost anywhere we want to be. We can have foods we love any time of year–– seasons no longer hold us hostage. We move from place to place with ease, whether it’s by bus, car, plane or even a bicycle. Marijuana is legal where I live, but you don’t have to be high to feel swept away. Life is so big and amazing; there are endless ways to tap into wonder, if we pause to notice what’s around us. If we look out the window and take in the view, we can experience incredible beauty, wherever we are.It’s all magic, if we only stop to notice and appreciate it. If we tap into wonder, and forget about logic for a moment, there is so much Magic. Everything is so amazing!

Louis CK did a skit about these very thoughts. Take a moment and watch; it’s hilarious!

*     *     *

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23 Responses to Everything Is So Amazing! (If you stop to notice…)

  1. Agree about grandchildren– very magical to see the world through their eyes and feel you’ve put your stamp on the future.

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  2. I’m so upset! I wrote an essay in reply to your post, well a longish reply really, but now it has gone. Error message, should we try to post it again?, yes please, then phit! Gone. Loved the post. I hate WP sometimes.

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    • Ohh, now I want that response! Thanks for making the effort, it means as much as posting it! 😉

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      • I have a chronic illness that keeps me at home most of the time but even at home there are so many things to wonder at and appreciate. I wrote about how piped water that is clean and potable is so incredible. Some people still need to walk miles to get enough for their daily usage. It even comes out of the tap hot! Radio and tv still blows me away, as does a simple photo of someone long since dead or changed by the years. A tiny fragment of time travel on a piece of paper or on a screen. I wrote about so many other things that fill me with wonder. Your past helped me to add to my list of fabulousness that is around me. The most important being my parents and my pooch!

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        • My cousin has the same illness, and I’m so sorry you have to deal with it K. It’s rough! As someone who also has chronic health stuff, I really empathize.

          It’s so wonderful that you still find the wonder and beauty in the world around you. Thanks os much for sharing your thoughts!

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          • Oh no. Not you too, Dawn! I think many bloggers have health issues. We have more time than most to immerse ourselves in the blogosphere. My condition is called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It is a genetic, degenerative, connective tissue condition. It sucks big time!

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            • I know about EDS, as my cousin has it, and a dear friend as well. I’m so sorry you struggle with such a debilitating illness. I can related, but feel fortunate. My health issues impact me daily, but don’t afford me the time I’d like. My writing/blogging gets squeezed into a very busy life… I need to make more time, and figure out my priorities! It does seem like a lot of bloggers have health issues, but I suppose a lot of the population in general does… we just don’t get to read about it. 😉

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              • Do you think you health issues are related to EDS? As it is genetic and as you have a cousin with it, maybe . . .? It has crept up on me very slowly and I only had the confirmed dx in October last year. Now all my tests are coming back with positive results after years of them never showing anything. They finally know what tests to do, I guess. I hope your cousin wasn’t in the same boat. I was lucky it didn’t stop me working and travelling, until quite recently. Some people have it so badly they struggle to finish their education and even get started on an independent life.

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      • I wrote another reply and it too isn’t here! I am keeping my fingers crossed you can see it even if I cannot!


  3. I can only imagine there’s nothing sweeter than a grandchild! Enjoy yourself! I loved the Louis C.K. clip. I have to admit I’m always thinking, “I’m sitting on a chair IN THE SKY!!!” (not a big fan of flying)

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  4. Cathy Ulrich says:

    All so true, Dawn. Thanks for the reminder. What a time in which to be alive! I love it!

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  5. Carrie Rubin says:

    Life really is big and amazing. There is so much wonder around us, and yet it’s often so easy to miss because we’re caught up in a bunch of noise. Thank you for reminding us to step back and fully notice and appreciate what happens around us on a daily basis.

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  6. HonieBriggs says:

    I haven’t forgotten you, Dawn. My head has just been somewhere else lately. I suppose I should take some time to stop and take a look around more often.

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    • And I haven’t forgotten you, Steph! I do miss you though. :-/ I have been so off the grid for the past few months… crisis city, in our home. You are doing important things, and that’s where your focus should stay. xox


  7. Mike Lince says:

    I love your perspective on things, Dawn. You reminded me of a story about a man who met travelers going the opposite direction. The first traveler he met asked if the town he was headed to was as awful as what he had heard. He told the traveler that it was as awful as he had heard. The next traveler he met inquired of the same town. He asked if the town was as wonderful as everything he had been told, and the man told him it was indeed a wonderful town.

    I believe we all find the wonder and the beauty if we are open to it, which you obviously are. – Mike

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Mike. Admittedly, life has thrown a few too many curve balls lately, and there are definitely days when seeing the wonder and beauty is more challenging than usual. I love the story though!



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