Friday Fictioneers: The Sun Always Rises…

Each week Friday Fictioneers serves up a challenge: to write a 100-word story, from a photo prompt. This week’s photo was provided by the talented Sandra Crook. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields herds this ever-growing group of writers and I am grateful for her integrity, kindness and commitment. I am grateful for the wonderful group members who have supported my writing for 2+ years now. When I miss a week, I am always disappointed. Thank you all, and may you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you are celebrating it.

If you would like to join Friday Fictioneers, or would like to check out the many other wonderful stories, please stop by Rochelle’s blog Addicted To Purple, for more details. As always, I welcome honest, constructive feedback. I try to do the same.


© Sandra Crook


A Long Hard Path

All of her thoughts were dark. A sense of hopelessness permeated each day. As she set out, in the dim early light, she knew that despite any pain she might cause those she loved, it would be better… in the end.

The path was steep. Each step a pilgrimage, she drew in deep breaths and thought of the struggle, year in and year out, to find balance and peace. Each step a prayer–– forgive me; I’m sorry… one foot in front of the other.

Legs heavy, heart racing, she reached the top of the bluff, and paused, as the sun rose.

(Word count: 101)

    *     *     *

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51 Responses to Friday Fictioneers: The Sun Always Rises…

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    That’s a good one, Dawn. Matches the photo brilliantly.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ceayr says:

    Well written if somewhat bleak piece of the end of the road.
    Or does the new dawn, Dawn, cause her to think again…


  3. That’s pretty dark for a picture I felt is very optimistic. But I expect her deep sadness (depression?) changes one’s view of the world.
    I’m hoping that pause with the rising sun helps change her mind.


    • That’s the beauty of FF, Patrick: one viewers optimism is another’s darkness. 😉 I think the photo could go so many ways. The cliff could be seen for the sheer, beautiful, natural wonder it is, a place to view or even climb, or it is a place to leap from. I love that each week, the various contributors see such different things. And the feedback, I love getting the feedback. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  4. ansumani says:

    I’m assuming she is there to commit suicide…but the pause at the end gives me hope that she may have changed her mind. Good piece.


  5. Sandra says:

    I’m hoping she didn’t go through with it. I think you caught the despair beautifully. Well done Dawn. (It’s Crook, by the way. – I once had a story published where they called me Sandra Cook – grrrr!)


    • UGH! I’m so sorry Sandra Crook! I do know that, and just missed the typo. I hate that too, and apologize for doing to to you. xo

      Thanks for the feedback; the photo was wonderfully inspiring. I actually was tempted to submit more than one story this week.


  6. I hope that after such a climb she would find the path going down easier… it’s rarely the best option to jump, the weight of climbing so well captured.

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  7. So sad to feel such despair. The pause gives me hope.


  8. Psychobabble says:

    I read this as hope. Beautiful.

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  9. I too hope the vista renews her.


  10. Dear Dawn,

    I felt each ache in every step. I only hope that the sunrise changed her mind. (That’s how I read it.) Beautifully written.




    • Thanks Rochelle. Some days, for some people, each step is a burden… and then, there’s a fresh new perspective, a better view. Something to hold on to. Thanks for your kind words; they are always appreciated. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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  12. micklively says:

    I am told exercise can help ease depression.
    Good piece.


  13. liz young says:

    I hope the physical exercise and the sunrise lifted her spirits.


  14. Dale says:

    Oh how wonderful the sunrise gave her pause. Maybe it was just enough to see all was not as grim as she thought.

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  15. For me, it ends on a hopeful note. To accomplish something as hard as that climb and be greeted by the sun at the beginning of another day…There is always a reason to go on. Loved it!


  16. You capture the depth of despair so well, Dawn. Hope at sunrise or despair at dawn. One of your best Friday Fict. I think! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. rgayer55 says:

    I once considered jumping off a curb, but the thought of a four inch fall frightened me. What if it hurt my bunions? Oh, the pain, the agony. So I decided to take the coward’s way out and become a writer instead.


  18. Laura Thiessen says:

    I love the ambiguity of the ending. Excellent.


  19. Amy Reese says:

    Her walk was timed so perfectly with the sun rise. That’s got to be a good sign. Beautiful story. Happy Thanksgiving, Dawn! (a little late) 🙂


  20. I’m so glad she’s made it and her gloom at least partially dispelled. It should happen for us all.


  21. gahlearner says:

    A very gripping description of despair. I hope the rising sun penetrates the darkness in her heart. But it could also be an incentive to have something so beautiful be the last thing she sees. You never know where depression leads people.


  22. plaridel says:

    this is as good as it gets. very nice.


  23. Nice capture of the mindset of a suicide victim . The lies they tell themselves are all-consuming. It is never better for those left behind.


  24. I’d like to think the dawn filled her with an epiphany that gave her the strength to go on.
    A sad visual as I read it. As women, we can identify with the struggles of having to be strong.
    Touching and powerful …..
    Isadora 😎


  25. Great description of her inner thoughts on the way up, Dawn. Hopefully that sunrise caused her to be more hopeful at last. Well written as always. —- Suzanne



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