Friday Fictioneers: Música Para Llorar Por (Music to Grieve By)

friday-fictioneersWelcome to Friday Fictioneers! Each Wednesday, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields chooses a photo prompt, provided by participants of FF. This week’s photo comes from the talented Björn Rudberg. To read other stories in this week’s series or to join in, check out details on Rochelle’s blog site: Addicted to Purple.  Check out notes, at the end of this piece.  As always, I welcome honest, considerate or constructive feedback. Please leave a comment, and tell me what you think.

© Björn Rudberg

© Björn Rudberg

(100 words)

As Gabriella and Don José sat in the dark café, the sad notes from the guitar and mandolin filled the room. Gabriella reached for her father’s gnarled hands.

“Sé que lo amaba, padre.” I know that you loved him, father.

Don José closed his eyes and let the music wash over him. He held the yellow rose in his hand, and smiled benignly at her.

“Yes my love, his words filled my soul. You carry his name, mi amor.” His eyes brimmed with tears. “The world has lost some magic, m’hija.”

For hours, the musicians played on– honoring the life of Gabo.


Note:  I knew when I saw this photo, where I wanted to go with this week’s prompt– but it took me a while to dig into the story. There’s been a lot on my plate, to say the least. This past week, the world lost a great writer, a brilliant mind, the father of magical realism. Gabriel García Márquez was considered by many, to the be the greatest Spanish writer of all time. I believe he was one of the greatest writers of any language or genre! Love in the Time of Cholera and One Hundred Years of Solitude changed my life, as a young college student. Gabo, as he was affectionately called by many, opened the door to the spectacular world of writers like: Isabelle Allende, Salman Rushdie, Toni Morrison, Alice Hoffman, Mark Helprin, Carlos Fuentes… While he was 87 years old; he had lived a long and richly full life; I felt a deep sense of sadness at the news of his passing. This photo, with its dark lighting and sensual imagery, immediately made me think of latin guitar music… and Gabriel García Márquez.

For more on Gabriel García Márquez, read this. Eloquently written by Salman Rushdie, another writer I have loved.:

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55 Responses to Friday Fictioneers: Música Para Llorar Por (Music to Grieve By)

  1. susanissima says:

    Very sweet way to share your feelings about Gabo. His passing has been a draining ordeal for many, yet I believe he would hate that. I’m going to grieve through writing, reading his work again and partying in his honor. Besitos. ❤


  2. subroto says:

    “It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”
    ― Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

    Lovely tribute to one of the finest storytellers of our times.


  3. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Perfect and timely story, Dawn, in honor of a wonderful writer. Hope you’re feeling better. I’ve missed you!


    • Thanks Cathy! I’ve missed blogging. Even reading… catching up, has been a challenge the past two weeks. The burns are healing very well, and the ribs– a lot slower, but better. Thanks for your warm and caring thoughts. They mean a lot. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. It had to sit with me for a good while. 😉


  4. Mike Lince says:

    A fitting tribute to one of Latin America’s iconic writers. I hope you are soon back at full power.
    – Mike


  5. Current news and story seamlessly and beautifully woven together, Dawn. But I know your waiting for me to add something else, so how about “musician’s” in the last line being “musicians?” 🙂 )And unless you’re channeling Russell, “Fields” for Rochelle, not “Fileds.” Tee, hee. ) I haven’t read any of Gabo’s work and I think I must soon.



  6. K.Z. says:

    a very wonderful tribute, Dawn 🙂


  7. DCTdesigns says:

    Dawn- Lovely story. And thank you for the NY Times link as well.


  8. wmqcolby says:

    I am SO thrilled you wrote this! Anything that smacks of Spain, Mexico or Spanish in general knocks me out. But, when I saw this was YOUR story, I thought, “Yes! This will get a GOOD treatment.” It did.

    La historia ¡me encanta!


  9. Dawn, I’m testing to see if my comment will post.


  10. OK. I can post again. I was having difficulty getting anything to post. My comments disappeared into the blogisphere. That was a lovely piece in memory of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I haven’t read any of his books, but I intend to. I have to get a Kindle as I have little shelf space left to buy books and the libraries here are few and far between. I hope you’re feeling better. 🙂


  11. elappleby says:

    A fitting tribute to a great writer. Lovely 🙂


  12. Dear Dawn,

    Everything else has been said so I’ll simply say, “Beautiful and heartfelt tribute to a great writer.”

    Funny you should spell Fields wrong this week. Heretofore it’s been Wisoff. 😉




  13. Sandra says:

    Lovely story Dawn. I must look for his work in the library. Well done.


  14. Nan Falkner says:

    Good story! You inspire me! I love your writing and have a great week! Nan:)


  15. Love this… by coincidence I finished reading “love in the age of cholera” about the same day as he died.. (I never read it when he got the Nobel prize), amazing piece.. Also I was at a concert this thursday, and the conductor was Columbian — the venue was Stockholm Concert hall, where Gabo got his prize in 1982… He said that for Columbia it was the most important event ever, it was more than a person, it was for the whole Nation.


    • Wow! What a night of music that must have been! Gabo, Márquez was mourned by huge numbers in Columbia. People traveled from small villages, waiting for hours to pass by his ashes. Thousands of yellow roses and yellow, paper butterflies (his favorite color, and butterflies for his story)… 100 Years of Solitude is a harder read, but I loved that as well. Love…Cholera is just gorgeous. I’m so glad you liked my story, Björn. I found your photo very evocative! I wanted to write another story… but I know Rochelle is up to her eyebrows in stories these days! Thanks for your feedback; I really enjoyed hearing about your experiences.


  16. Dawn, I was wondering where you were this week, kept looking for your post. Thanks for taking time to think about the picture and where you would allow it to take you. This was a lovely story. Take care!


  17. A very nice tribute. I believe he is smiling down.


  18. Amy Reese says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful writer, Dawn. Very nice!


  19. rgayer55 says:

    Well done, you evoked a lot of emotion here.


  20. Everything but the cabbage stick says:

    I just stumbled on your post as a newbie to blogging (and fairly clueless) and I had to post to say that I loved your story, very evocative.


  21. Dee says:

    Hi Dawn what a lovely tribute to such a great man. Love in the Time of Cholera…my favourite of his – I think…
    Really enjoyed your story
    Take care of yourself please



  22. A wonderful tribute with heartfelt emotion, Dawn!


  23. Wonderful research and tribute.



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