Friday Fictioneers: Trumped

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This week: less fiction than fact. As always your constructive feedback is much appreciated. Please leave a comment. Have a safe & happy New Year!


© Shaktiki Sharma


The hum of the crowd grew, as the lights got brighter and the music blared.
We held hands and shivered. The cold was bitter, but it was excitement that pulsed through my body, as we all watched the clock count down, and waited. Would the world stop? Would it all crash? I assured my young children that we would all be fine, but wondered.

10, 9, 8… Happy New Year! As we all shouted, a palpable pause struck the crowd. The year 2000 arrived with only fireworks and hope.

Counting down to 2017, I feel more apprehensive than ever.

(100 words)

*     *     *

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49 Responses to Friday Fictioneers: Trumped

  1. I was in hospital with two new babies, hoping the power wouldn’t go out — as my very conservative in-laws promised it would. Like you, I am more apprehensive about this year’s conservatively constructed horrors.

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  2. Happy New Year to you and yours.


  3. neilmacdon says:

    I share the anxiety


  4. Michael Wynn says:

    I remember, the millennium was supposed to bring all sorts of chaos but in the end it was just another year, Nature has no time for our clocks and calendars.

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  5. We can only hope next year doesn’t live up(down?) to expectations.

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  6. Dear Dawn,

    I remember how so many thought the world would end with Y2K. We greeted the new century at a theme party where we all wore camo and drank bottled water. 17 years later we look ahead with apprehension. L’chaim to another good story and a happy new year my friend.

    Shabbat Shalom,


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  7. wmqcolby says:

    I miss going to New Years Eve events … I couldn’t for years due to mer work schedule and now I don’t seem to know anyone who throws parties anymore. As for apprehension, I realize that nobody, but NOBODY can make the world brighter other than the one who looks back at me in the mirror and says, “I’M going to do better this year, regardless.” That’s MY plan, anyway. 😉

    So, without further ado, have a great 2017, Dawn! Looking forward to good things. 🙂

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  8. I do remember the 2000… and some concern. I have to say that I fear both the thing that will change and what will not change….

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  9. yarnspinnerr says:

    I identify with your last line.
    Happy 2017.

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  10. Dale says:

    Now we can look back and laugh but man… there was much worry for Y2K indeed!
    Now… we have so many bigger things to worry about – or not. Our choice!
    Happy New Year, Dawn! xo

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  11. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Great work, Dawn. My hope is that all those campaign promises go unfulfilled…

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  12. liz young says:

    I remember that Millenium panic. We partied with a crowd of friends and ignored the doom-mongers. We’re still here, and despite the myriad things wrong with the world, there are things to be upbeat about. Happy New Year.

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  13. DebraB says:

    You have captured my anxieties very well. Nice story!

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  14. Lora Empson says:

    I really enjoyed my Friday I don’t know why it was really good.


  15. bereteabu2 says:

    The word motherland remind me of beautiful mama Africa, good job on that.

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  17. One could say it seems like yesterday, but it’s way, way back in time. A time, we were in the grim throws of 2YK. However, we’ve survived … somewhat. ~~~ : – )
    Let’s hope the future will be a better one. It was a waste to worry in 2000. Time to relax and let things fall as they will since, so far, worrying hasn’t helped. I wonder if our parents worried about the world we lived in when we were growing up? I think we can only be responsible for ourselves. If each one of us focus’ are being the nicest and best we can be to ourselves and each other; maybe, things will get better. A very thought provoking story, Dawn.
    Happy New Year 2017 🎉 Cheers 🍷
    Isadora 😎

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  18. I remember the feeling of relief and a general sense that we had all been a bit silly to worry about the millennium – and yet here we all are now in an era of change that seems to have crept up on us when we weren’t looking. Here’s to us all being the best we can be in 2017 and beyond!

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  19. ahtdoucette says:

    Nice, I remember Y2k too and how strange that was and now here we are. Thanks for putting this all in perspective. Happy 2017!

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  20. Crazy to think that was 17 years ago!
    I feel your apprehension but I am such a damn optimist that I think it will be okay.

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  21. plaridel says:

    come to think, most of our worries never happen. thank goodness. 🙂



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