Friday Fictioneers: Sweet Anticipation

friday-fictioneersFor the third week in a row, I am barely keeping up! This past weekend my youngest son and our wonderful exchange student, D, both graduated from high school. Saturday was the big day and Sunday was the big party; the rest of the week was anticipation, shopping and planning, as D’s family arrived from Germany to share in the festivities. If you read my blog post last week (525,949 Minutes… How Do You Measure, Measure the Time With Your Boy), you know: it’s been a long, emotional week! Add that my eldest son graduated from college two weeks ago (in another state) and that I flew to NC today for a wedding… and it’s a wonder I can see straight, let alone write stories. So please be gentle. ; ) I will be in the mountains of NC for a few days, with spotty to zero internet. I’ll do my best to read, but I’m admittedly behind. I try to get in at least 30 a week, and I miss not reading more! Thanks to everyone who has read mine, despite my recent absence; it’s much appreciated!

It is in fact a a loving nod to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and my fellow Friday Fictioneers, that I have written something this week. I haven’t missed one since September, and despite jet lag and sleep deprivation, I wouldn’t this week either! Each week, Rochelle herds this merry group of Kool Kats, with a weekly photo prompt and a reminder to: play nice, be respectful, and do your best work. Flash fiction at its best! Write a 100-word story with a beginning, middle and end. This week’s photo is provided by Ted Strutz. The minute I saw it, I knew it was taken in Friday Harbor– one of my favorite places, and not far from my home. I could only write a positive story, with such a prompt. Check out  the  other stories and find more details on Addicted to Purple. Then, join us!   I always welcome honest, kind, or constructive feedback; please leave a comment.



(100 words)

 Sweet Anticipation

As the ferry pulled into Friday Harbor, Jen felt butterflies; and her breath quicken. She pulled a light sweater around her sunburned shoulders.

She’d travelled all the way from San Francisco, without letting Paul know she was coming. A plane to Seattle, a shuttle bus to Anacortes, and finally the beautiful green and white ferries of the San Juan Islands. Jen’s anticipation mounted as they sailed past Orcas and Blakely islands, around Lopez and into the emerald green cove.

She couldn’t wait to see his perfect smile, when she told him she’d changed her mind and would finally marry him.

•    •    •

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49 Responses to Friday Fictioneers: Sweet Anticipation

  1. Sandra says:

    You’ve left me dangling here, Dawn. I expected you to finish with a line saying ‘meanwhile, in the dentist’s chair Paul gave a wide toothless grin. Thank goodness Jen couldn’t see him’. Because I’m just not that romantic…. Nice one Dawn, as ever, some nice descriptive work there.


  2. Aww 😉 I want to know what happens next 🙂 lovely story.


  3. Dawn, Lovely romantic story which, I’m guessing, will have a happy ending. That is beautiful scenery in the photo. Well written as always. 🙂 —Susan


  4. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Dawn, As always, your story is wonderful! Your story is lovely and happiness in the story makes me smile. I sure hope Jen hasn’t waited too long and Paul looked elsewhere for a wife. Being unannounced has made many a maiden’s plans go sour. Fun, fun story! Nan 🙂


  5. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Dawn,

    I kept waiting for Paul and his new girlfriend to show up….

    A lovely story and well told. Do you line in the area or just do your research homework? Nicely done.




    • Thanks Doug. I knew that my FF buddies would be left hanging, but I could see only happiness in Jen and Paul’s future. I love Friday Harbor, and think only happy thoughts when I’m there, or going there! Yes, I live not far from there… so no research necessary. In the Everest piece, and others, I research something about my story. As always, mahalo! Dawn


  6. Dear Dawn,

    I hope Paul’s offer is still open. 😉

    A well-written feel good story. I’ll look for it on Hallmark. 😀




  7. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Dawn,

    Oh, darn… I meant ‘live’ not line. Forgive me my typos….

    Mahalo, D.


  8. Honie Briggs says:

    Dawn you’ve had a busy life lately and it’s quite remarkable that you find the time to write. I’m not so diligent. Last week I was on an apartment hunting expedition with my niece and totally skipped writing. I did manage to read a few FF though. I’m with Doug on this one. I was waiting for Paul’s toothless grin and Jen’s utter dismay. Great descriptions. Makes me want to see Friday Harbor for myself.


    • Everyone should get to see Friday Harbor once! Glad you enjoyed it… despite the surprise ending. 😉 I do feel a bit like a gerbil on a wheel right now. I get home Tuesday and leave the following Monday for 3 weeks in Scandinavia with my youngest… I’ve got perpetual jet lag right now, and my writing has definitely suffered. FF is one of the few things I’ve kept up with! thanks for taking the time, Honie; it’s much appreciated!


  9. wmqcolby says:

    The longing and the anticipation REALLY come through here.
    I was waiting for the Big Disappointment, too. But … the story IS called “Anticipation” not “Resolution.” 😉

    Nice job, Dawn!


  10. jgroeber says:

    I don’t know how you do it week after week, what with the graduations and the family and so on, but YOU GO GIRL, is my comment for you.


    • I live by the “Do as I say, not as I do” motto, which allows me to keep leaving messages for you, saying: take it easy! Slow down! Breathe! As I disregard all of that! (and crash and burn, probably…) :-p Thanks for taking the time, Jen!


  11. Shandra says:

    Oh boy, Surprise! could be a lovely little Happily Ever After ” for someone! Hope it’s her.


  12. How lovely that she traveled in person to let him know. I really like how you protrayed her mounting anticipation as she got closer to her destination.
    In the spirit of your positive association with the location, I am trying hard to ignore the little voice in my head that is saying ‘but what if he has found someone else ….’ 😉


  13. Awwww…a love story 🙂


  14. I hope there is not a pregnant girlfriend waiting for her… i hope … hope… it’s a happy end.


  15. Amy Reese says:

    Dawn, you really put me there! Lovely words for a happy ending. I hope! Let’s hope he is still waiting for her.


  16. Gina says:

    Dawn, I love romantic tales. You treated me to a favorite with your tender story,


  17. Perfect! And I bet it flowed out. At least that’s the way I felt when I read it. I can’t tell which ferry that is, but it very well could be the one my husband works on (Chief Engineer).


  18. pattisj says:

    Why do I have the feeling she might be in for a surprise herself? I hope it all works out. I know what you mean about trying to keep up, it’s a busy time of year.


  19. rgayer55 says:

    I hope it works out for her. Sometimes when we try and surprise others we get surprised ourselves. Safe travels, Dawn.


  20. subroto says:

    That is a nice tender story but has another story dangling at the end, what if she gets a surprise too? I’ll go with the first one and hope it works out.


  21. hugmamma says:

    I love love stories, especially ones with happy endings. I sense one in yours…


  22. You really caught the feeling of the ferry to Friday Harbor. No matter how many times Donn and I travel over there, we never tire of it. Well done, Dawn.



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