Ready, Set, Go! With BedPak…

safe_imageThis is a different kind of post for me. No tear-jerkers or big stories to tell today. I must also say, for the record, I’m not being paid to promote BedPak, nor am I working on commission (a question that’s been asked).  I simply believe in this woman and this product. That said: I really hope you’ll check out this Kickstarter campaign and support the BedPak!

My friend Claudia is an incredible woman who does not sit still for a minute.  When we go for walks together, I huff and puff and try to keep up with her. Listening to her schedule for a day, let alone a week, wears me out! She’s a doer.  Claudia trained as a hair stylist and opened her own successful salon. When her boys got old enough to really need her around, she sold the salon and didn’t waste a minute overseeing home construction, soccer practices, school events and homework, running an occasional marathon, and keeping bees. Claudia’s a doer.

She is a true friend and has been there for me through thick and thin. Sometimes that meant dropping off a meal or a book, other times she was there to pull me out of the dark by just being a good friend– she’s steady as a rock. If you’re looking for an ulterior motive for why I’m promoting her Kickstarter, it lies therein. Claudia is one of the truest, kindest, most dynamic and hard-working people I know, and I believe in her and this product, unconditionally!

The BedPak was born out of Claudia’s observations and experiences traveling with her kids. Anyone who’s traveled with kids, knows that it’s a juggling act; throw in a few delays or a cancelled flight, mid-journey, and it’s a nightmare! During one such trip, their flight was delayed many hours and all the shuttle buses to local hotels had stopped running. Stuck in the airport with their carry-on bags, they were forced to spread out on the floor, and crowded gate area. This has happened to me– more than once– but all that came out of my experience was some kvetching and a sore back. Claudia’s a doer.

When she got home, she researched bags that would unfold to provide a mat, or a way to use your bag… rather than just guard it. Finding nothing out there, she invented the BedPak.  If you know Claudia, this is no surprise, yet I was still amazed when she first showed me the prototype! This is a bag that I wanted, from the minute I saw it. It’s made of slick, durable materials– it looks indestructible– but I love the stylish design! The compartments fold up neatly, and then you unzip straps from a hidden pocket, to form a backpack that is both good-looking and efficient. Using it for the first time (I’ve been lucky enough to get to try it out) I found the separate zippered compartments particularly helpful for organizing my things. Clothes in one area, shoes in another, and I put liquids and anything I need to pull out at security in the top section. It was easy to just unzip, pull my things out and then tuck them back again.  There’s even a perfect compartment for laptops, that has extra padding.  (Check out this 18-second video about packing)

The BedPak holds so much more than you see in the video!  While Claudia packed hers efficiently,  I tend to over-pack.  I definitely tucked too many shoes a lot in mine! Still, it all fit. The straps were very comfortable, and the waist strap helped take the weight off my shoulders and back. Carrying it is a lot more comfortable than I anticipated. When boarding the flight, it’s easy to tuck the straps back inside and carry it on, with the side handle– much like a brief case. Easy breezy, with everything in the overhead compartment, so I don’t have to worry about lost or delayed luggage.

What makes BedPak truly different, the part that makes it stand out from other backpacks or lightweight luggage is the fold out option. IF you do experience a delay that requires long hours stuck in an airport, this is a bag that folds out to provide a comfortable mat. Your clothing and packed items provide the cushioning– and you’re not worried about dozing off, because your on top of your luggage! Fold out one section and you have a cushion to lean against if all the seats are taken and you have to sit on the floor. Having been stranded for hours on our recent trip to Belize, we all would have been much happier if we’d had BedPaks. Instead, we were sitting against hard walls, on the floor, and our luggage was lost for two days!  (check out this 23-second  video about travel)

In the big picture the final detail that really makes this bag special is its potential use in disaster situations– one of Claudia’s goals, in the designing of BedPak. This is an  ideal bag for first responders– who need to carry medicine, bandages, other items, but who need to rest on the go. For those affected by disasters, these bags would be ideal to hand out, with water, blankets and snacks– allowing victims to also pick up belongings and have a place to store and carry them.

I believe in this product and hope to see it take off. The Kickstarter for BedPak has 20 days to go, and Claudia has reached her half+ way goal, but she needs more support!  An at home mother, who has an incredible idea and a huge passion, but needs the funds; I hope readers will help out.  All the right paper work has been filed– all the Ts crossed and Is dotted; BedPak is just waiting for more people to donate to the cause. Please help:  1) Share this post   2) Check out the BedPak Facebook page and hit like  3) Most importantly: make a donation to the Kickstarter campaign. Help see a great idea take flight!   This is a product that is truly kickass!  I know the blogging community can really help my friend realize her dream!  

Fantastic diaper bag!

Fantastic diaper bag!

Other uses for BedPak:  1)  An awesome diaper bag, that allows for diaper changes as well as soft place for little ones to nap, when on the go.    2) Going to the movies with little guys? Pack the BedPak with blankets or soft items and you have a perfect booster cushion.  3) BedPak is ideal for carrying kids favorite things for the day, while providing a cushioned seat, when needed.   4) Day hike with the family? Pack your snacks and drinks, and then unfold the BedPak for rest stops… you have a soft place to catch your breath.   5) It’s an ideal soft sided back for business travelers, that will keep all of your clothing neat and easy reached, while providing space for your laptop and work.   There are so many ways to enjoy BedPak!  (Watch the BedPak go hiking- 26 seconds)

Pack for every adventure along the way, with BedPak!

Now watch this Kickstarter video, and consider donating. For more details about BedPak, scroll down here, below the video:

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17 Responses to Ready, Set, Go! With BedPak…

  1. Honie Briggs says:

    I really like this idea for first responders. Having to keep a “go bag” ready, this would be an excellent alternative to the backpack I currently use.


    • I like this so much better than my full-size back pack, Honie. That said, it doesn’t hold as much, but it holds a lot! I love the idea of having this for first responders! There are so many possibilities. Thanks for taking the time!


  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    What a great product! I so admire people who come up with these things.


  3. Reblogged this on Musings on Life & Experience and commented:
    This looks like a great product.


  4. Dawn, I reblogged this. This is a great product. My daughter travels a lot and might like something like this. She also has friends who are actors and might also travel a lot. 🙂 —Susan


  5. claudia hall says:

    Wow Dawn! What can I say other than THANK YOU!!!!!


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  7. kanehall2014 says:

    The video is great and I want a bedpak for my upcoming trip. After getting to use one for a few days I was reluctant to give it back. Thanks for sharing Dawn!


  8. Hmm, this is interesting. It looks like it could be used for a 72-hour emergency kit to keep stocked and ready to grab and go.



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