The Middle: Hail Moldova!

Currently I’m in Israel, visiting my daughter, and getting any writing done has been nearly impossible! I had this idea that I would write and write… and write some more, but not the case. Then, today I saw a huge spike in my stats. Hmm? My post, When You Die, (right before those one) was featured in HuffPo last week… but why the spike now? Who knows. But when I looked at my stats (for the first time in weeks), there was Moldova! I wrote about Moldova two years ago, when they started appearing in my stats on a regular basis. It’s been a good long while since I’ve seen them here, but I figured it was as good a time as any to bring this post back. Moldova, reveal yourself! Introduce yourself in my comments; I’d love to know who my reader from/in Moldova is. Wherever the rest of you are from, I’m grateful you stopped by; thank you!


Screen shot from 2/5/13Yo Moldova! Screen shot from 2/5/13
Yo Moldova!

I had a post all ready for today, and then things took a turn… toward Moldova. And the Republic of Korea. As I’ve mentioned before, at Word Press, we get to obsess check out daily stats for each of our blog posts, and our blog overall. We can see how many visitors versus views we get each day (frankly, I preferred thinking that they were all visits, instead of knowing that there were fewer visitors, who looked at more). We can see which posts were read, and how many hits they got, and we can see where the visits are from. In fact, we get a super cool map of the world, with the names of the countries where visitors came from, and how many hits came from which country.

So I look at the stats, and I get a kick out of seeing…

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7 Responses to The Middle: Hail Moldova!

  1. Enjoy your visit to Israel and with your daughter.


  2. Have a great visit to Israel, Dawn. I know you’ll enjoy visiting your daughter. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    Enjoy your visit to Israel. Very exciting. Safe travels to you!


  4. Valery says:

    Moldova – intriguing! Visiting your daughter means good stuff (writing) ahead. Your biggest fans are more than happy to wait a bit. Savour every moment! 🙂

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