Friday Fictioneers: There But For the Grace…

Life has been a swirl of amazing travel and incredible moments these past 6 weeks. I’ve missed my Fictioneers group, but have been swallowed up in hours of holding and loving my new grandson, Amitai Shelev (mommy minus the m + tie). He is amazing and my heart is filled with him… and the heaviness of leaving him, in just a few days. I can’t share photos, but check out my Tales From the Motherland FB page (nudge nudge- hit Like while you’re there, for good luck) and this post, for more.

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly flash fiction challenge, lead by our fearless leader, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at Addicted to Purple. Writers from all over the world add their 100 words. Visit her blog for more details. I recognize the wall, in this photo… I’m pretty sure it’s in (or was) Vancouver, BC, near where I live. If not, somewhere close; I’ve seen it. I felt a jolt of sadness in seeing the photo prompt this week; it made me think about the loss of things that are precious. As always, honest, constructive feedback is always welcome.

© C.E. Ayr

© C.E. Ayr

There But For the Grace

“Don’t stare, love; let’s go.” Maria pulled her daughter’s hand, but the child stood firm. “Come, the market will close soon and we won’t have food for the week.”

“Mama, why are they taking it down? How will we remember?”

“Lower your voice; we shouldn’t speak about these things.”

Shelley’s large brown eyes watched the bulldozer as the beautiful murals crumbled.

“But mama, we will have nothing left! Why?”
“There are no more creatures in the seas; the wall is a hard reminder of what the Ministry has done.” Her mother leaned close and whispered. “Come, the market is closing.”

(100 words, exactly)

*    *     *

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55 Responses to Friday Fictioneers: There But For the Grace…

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  2. Shalom, Dawn! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but just today I shared your blog with my Mom. I know she’s gonna love it. Her name is Sharon so if you see that handle in the comments, it may be her. You and Mom share some very similar qualities – your unconditional love for your children and a deep compassion for others. That’s high praise, Dawn – I have *that* much respect and admiration for you. Stay safe and God bless you and your family.


  3. Cathy Ulrich says:

    This reminds of me of a short story that I wrote in honors English in high school. It was entitled “The Rabbit,” and it was about memories of a strange creature that went extinct. This is so well told in so few words, Dawn.

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  4. Mike Lince says:

    At last you can relate to the special kind of love that is reserved especially for the grandchild. As you have discovered, it is wonderful. And Baby Amitai is so fortunate to have you as his loving grandmother! He could not be greater blessed upon his entry to the world.

    Welcome back to Friday Fictioneers. I see you wasted no time applying your fruitful imagination to come up with this sinister story line. While Amitai enjoys the gift of a grandmother’s love, we, your followers, continue to enjoy the fruits of your clever writing. I, as one of your many fans, look forward to more story snapshots like this one. Keep them coming. – Mike


    • Mike, as usual, you were right… I am utterly smitten! So true, this grandparent love is just fabulous! You are in my mind, as I have already imagined reading stories to him via Skype! An idea I will steal from my travel buddy! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment; your feedback always makes me smile. 😀


  5. Oooo. Great twist at the end!


  6. momshieb says:

    Ah, beautiful and concise. It made me so sad (which is good!)


  7. jgroeber says:

    In the midst of reading The Unwanteds with my oldest (after The Giver and The City of Ember series) and I’m totally with you on this one. Well played!


  8. Congratulations on the birth of your new grandson! Your gives such a frightening thought! Dead oceans. Great story!


  9. I so often fear this is the way our world is heading. All God’s beautiful creatures in museums, zoos and painted on the sides of building. Well done.

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  10. Dale says:

    A sad tale indeed.. (But mazel tov on the new grand-baby!)


  11. rgayer55 says:

    We lose species to extinction every year and are killing our oceans. Very sad and real.

    On a happy note, congrats on the new Grandbaby. They are fun. 🙂


    • Yes they are Russell. I could bury my nose in his sweet little neck all day. Hopefully that sounds as cute as it is.

      And the world is headed in a scary direction indeed. Wish it was more fiction than it is.


  12. ceayr says:

    Powerful words, Dawn, great story.
    And Vancouver BC, as seen from Granville Street Bridge.
    The building is now gone.


  13. Jan Brown says:

    The world you describe may be reality sooner than we think, if we continue to overfish, pollute and dump our trash into the ocean. Very sad. But a wonderful, well written story!


  14. Amy Reese says:

    A loss of the things that are precious…an excellent take, Dawn. There are so many things that we’re losing and we’re not even aware of it. I just heard a story about how the drought out here is affecting animals and fish. Many are going extinct. It would be sad to see this crumble. It’s so beautiful. Well done, Dawn.

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  15. storydivamg says:

    Great work, Dawn! Becoming a grandmother (along with all your recent travels), must be inspiring you.

    All my best,

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  16. tedstrutz says:

    Chilling ending… nice.

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  17. Sandra says:

    More than a hint of reality in this Dawn, well done. And congratulations!


  18. Good story as always, Dawn. I hope we never have to say what that mother does. Great ending twist. Well written. —— Suzanne

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  19. Dear Dawn,

    A sad commentary well written. More than that was the over all tension. I could feel the mother’s apprehension as she tried to silence her daughter while looking over her shoulder.

    Mazel tov on Amitai. Beautiful beautiful boy.



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    • Thanks so much Rochelle, that is exactly the image I wanted to paint. I’m glad it came through.

      I would have loved to have shared a picture with the group, but alas… of course, if they visit the FB page… it’s a tricky thing. 😉


  20. So sad. Another blessing to count today.

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  21. gahlearner says:

    This is such a sad and great story, in so many ways. Bad enough that life in the sea has vanished, worse that humans are at fault, and to top it all off, history is rewritten (as always) and what is not allowed to be remembered doesn’t exist.
    May your grandson experience a better world! Congrats!


  22. Nicely done with an effective twist at the end. Damn that Ministry! Bet it’s all made up of Republicans.

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  23. Dawn, congratulations on your new grandson! That’s wonderful. I hope your story never comes true. Scary stuff.


  24. wildbilbo says:

    Great dialogue here and a strong theme. Destroying reminders, probably to minimise dissent.
    Well done.


  25. karenboddey says:

    I love writing short fiction. Perhaps I’ll join in next time.


    • Karen, welcome to Tales From the Motherland and this week’s Friday Fictioneers. I hope you’ll take a peak at other posts and come back! 🙂 If you enjoy short fiction, you should definitely give FF a try. It’s a very supportive group!


  26. Somehow, denial is like killing all the animals a second time. The hiding your head in the sand is all to common…

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