Meeting Our Soul Mates Through Words: and Other Adventures In Blogging

“Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” Mark Twain’s famous quote, might apply to my absence from all things writing. I’ve been digging deep, and working on stuff. But writing always finds me… and pulls me back from the edge. And so I’m back, with words about other people.

There are so many things that bring us together in life. We meet friends in school, through parenting, jobs, clubs and shared activities. In today’s hyper linked-in world, we can and do meet many people on-line, who we might never spend time with face to face. And yet, we connect.

Blogging has expanded my world in ways that I never anticipated, when I started blogging almost 6 years ago. I have discovered millions of words that move and shake me, make me laugh, make me think, sometimes push my buttons, and very few have hurt me. I’ve met people who I feel like I know, and people I’m glad I got a glimpse of. There is no doubt, my life has been changed by my blogging life. Some of you have become people who truly inspire me, or lift me when I’m treading water, or who just pique my curiosity and interest on a regular basis.

But it is rare and precious when that connection that is elevated by real human contact, and I feel infinitely grateful for having had that with some of my blogging buddies. I have made an effort to meet people in person, whenever possible. If we’ve connected on line, and one of us is going to be in the other’s area, I hope we can meet. If it weren’t for BlogHer, I might not have met Emily, Julie, Katrina, Kelly, James, Samara, Julie, Amy, and Tonya. At those intensive weekends, a few friendly faces made all the difference. Meeting Arianna Huffington, even briefly, opened doors that I couldn’t imagine at the time. And getting to chat for a minute with The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson, was icing on the BlogHer cake!! Reading her blog regularly is great, but she is a true gem in person! I feel so fortunate to have spent time with these wonderful writers, and to have made connections with some of them, that has gone beyond leaving comments or reading each others’ work.

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Ironically, I met Lish at my dentist’s office, many years ago. But I had only just started blogging and didn’t know what write-outs and a writing community would eventually mean to me. She moved on, and we re-connected on blogging friend Rochelle’s weekly flash fiction site–– Friday Fictioneers –– where I fell in love with Lish’s sharp writing and vivid characters. Recently, she agreed to join the small writing group I’m in, and I now get the benefits of expanding our connection with delicious appetizers and great writing, twice a month. When blogging friend Mike settled down locally, for a short time, we were able to share a few lunch dates. Now he’s exploring new places, and I get to follow his adventures on line again. Meagan and I met at a writer’s conference. A year or two later, I took a leap of faith and went to spend a weekend at her place. Not only was she not a psycho killer, but her beautiful world of great writing friends, the coolest place I’ve ever gone to write-out, sweet moments with her incredible girl, and chickens, taught me to really trust my gut and be open to those special opportunities. It made it easier to leap bigger and visit Jennie, while I was visiting family and friends in North Carolina. She wooed me with humor, thoughtful conversation, and a super cool bar, behind a hidden wall. While I miss her words, since she’s pulled back from blogging, it’s made the journey of watching her become a mother, that much more meaningful. Lisa has become a friend who I stay in touch with, and look forward to seeing whenever I’m in NYC. We share so much in common: age, kids and life experiences, that it’s always sweet when we connect. Melissa welcomed me to Portland, and to an afternoon with her gorgeous boy. Björn and his wife, took my son and me to lunch, in Stockholm, and made us feel right at home, with fresh local strawberries, tales of life in Sweden and lots of laughs. Tak!

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I feel lucky that I’ve had so many wonderful people come in and out of my life, through writing. The people who take the time to comment–– some of them over and over, who have reached out, and have become cyber friends, are people I care deeply about, though we have never met in person. Heather, Audra, Carrie, Susan, Brenda, Louise, Honie, and others, not only write gorgeous words, but have more often than they know, said just the right words, at just the right time. They have consistently supported me and inspired me, through their meaningful work, and their kindnesses too many to name. Lucky, is probably too simple a word.

Marian put in countless hours reading my work and helping edit chapters. I put in as as much time editing her wonderful books, as she figured out whodunnit. In our group, we shared important and personal things, and we will always know each other, through the words and deeds we shared. She became a good friend, who holds a special place in my heart. While we’re not in a writing group together anymore, I still catch myself wondering: “What would Marian say?”

Add to this already incredible list of connections, the fact that I’ve had countless wonderful readers respond to my work on Huffington Post, and Tales From the Motherland. Some of these people are not writers, they come to read. There’s the young man who has been chatting with me for weeks, about travel to Israel. He read one of my HuffPo articles on travel in Israel, and reached out on my TFTM Facebook page . His enthusiasm for my insights, and genuine passion for travel and life, is infectious. We have never met, but for a few weeks, I carried him around in my thoughts: Oh, I know a great youth hostel… I never take a comment for granted; the connection is there, as soon as I read. There are folks who have commented on many of my pieces, who I have had no other contact with, but their encouragement and feedback fills me.

Blogging is a strange and magical thing. It’s easy sometimes to feel that you are putting yourself out there, and you don’t always know if it matters. I’m a bleeding heart in real life, and I bleed on the page–– each time I put something out. The fact that so many wonderful people have read my words and supported me in writing them, is something I feel grateful for on a regular basis. There are days when it truly sustains me, in ways that are so deep and so meaningful, that I am overcome with gratitude and love.

If you follow the links above (which took me ages to add), you can check out some of these wonderful people. You can connect with them through their writing, and their words, and through the magic of this platform.The links here are to folks who have reached out over and over, or who I have shared some special time with. I know I’ve missed people. If you know me, you know I will sincerely feel sorry for that, as the names come to me. I will chew on guilt, and wish I’d done better. I bleed a lot. But, know that if we’ve connected, I hold that with me all of the time… not just when I type out words. Know that these connections are special.

In the next few posts I will expand on this, by sharing some special meetings that have impacted me in the most meaningful ways. Jen, Jenny, Sarah and Cathy. These four women have changed how I see the world, and been there for me, in ways that are hard to explain. So, I will try… one post at a time. Go check out their words, and in the case of Cathy, her photography. Then, watch for more, as I share these connections with you. Tonight, I am lucky to be in Denver, visiting my son, and so I get to have dinner with Cathy–– and we will connect, and fill up on all that magic, that comes from reaching out and finding our people. Lucky, is indeed too small a word.

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30 Responses to Meeting Our Soul Mates Through Words: and Other Adventures In Blogging

  1. Marian says:

    I’m touched to get a shout out in your blog! Thanks and ditto. So happy that you’re blogging again. Periods of introspection followed by periods of creativity: that’s how it works.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As you well know, Marian, my mind is a loopy place. I’m blogging for now, and always inspecting and introspecting… feast or famine. Thanks for stopping by, and for all your support, over many, many years! xo


  2. Dawn rises. Thanks for the sweet words. xo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jgroeber says:

    How inspiring always to watch you walk the walk just in front of me. Raising your birds, letting them fly, making time to write, taking time to not write and then circling back again. There’s always a community of writing buds to come back to which is a good lesson, for sure. Looking forward to your next posts and all the connections you make. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jen. Right now, I feel more like I’m fumbling around in the dark, bumping into things… but I keep circling back, for the goodness I find here. Heaps of gratitude and wonder, at the gorgeous words, the funny words, the heartbreaking words… the words that link me to so many good people. There’s the light switch that some of us are looking for, right now.


  4. Thank you for the shout out! You’ve done an amazing job expanding your world via blogging. I have gotten lazy and you’re an inspiration. Looking forward to seeing you in Oct.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Excited to see you too, Lisa. I can hardly inspire anyone! My blogging has been virtually non-existent! Trying to get back in a groove. Ugh. It’s not easy. Thanks for the ongoing support darlin’! xo


  5. Carrie Rubin says:

    This is lovely, Dawn, and thank you so much for including me and for your thoughtful words. I’ve stepped away from regular blogging, and I find I miss it for all the reasons you mention. But I was spending too much time writing posts and reading posts; I knew I had to step back a bit. I still enjoy visiting posts when I can, though, including this one which gives us all some light and goodwill in these days where the two seem to be in such low supply. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh how I’ve missed your blog, Carrie. I do love your regular health updates. I need to follow most of them! I’ve missed blogging too, and this is my effort to get back in a groove. We shall see how that goes… Thanks for being there, again and again. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    I have only met one person from blogging in real life, but I have formed friendships almost against my will, as people took to me or I took to them. I’ve had to crib that same Sam Clemens line myself from time to time but this week, out of the blue, I just had the urge to jump back in and reconnect with people; start writing again. You are one of those people.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh, that is so kind! Yes, the getting back in a groove is hard, for sure. So many people don’t know my blog is even out there anymore. But, I love the writing, and that may sustain me. Welcome back “Helena!” 😉


  7. Dale says:

    I know exactly what you are writing about, Dawn. I try to explain to my family the ties we knit with these people all over the world (and many of whom, I know, will welcome me into their woods when I get to their neck). I think when we blog, we expose our real selves and that just makes us all the more easy to get to know and to feel like we know though we’ve never met in person. I am, quite honestly and frankly, amazed and inspired by YOU.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Man oh man Dale, that is so hard to imagine right now. I don’t feel even a little inspiring. But thanks for the kind words and support–– it’s exactly what I’m talking about here! Even if I’m down low, and trying to dig out, it’s all the great people I’ve met thru’ writing that get it, and pull me up… in a way that I don’t feel in “real life” sometimes. I totally agree, I think many of us are more authentic in our writing, and so the people we connect with are connecting with a realer version of us, than the one we might be face to face. Not always true, but for me, I know that I tend to write without filters, and from the heart… I’m grateful when that resonates with others. Again, thanks for that validation! xox

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Blogging is such wonderful surprise, isnt it? The connections are surreal and meaningful. Thank you for the kind words. Im a little jealous you got to have dinner with Cathy!
    Love your writing, your emotions and your ” being”, Dawn. I will always be a reader 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Cathy has become a true and dear friend. Dinner was so meaningful. We have no masks, and feel so at ease with one another. I feel blessed for the connection. I swear, when my son graduates, I’ll keep coming, just to see her!

      As for you, my dear, I love the connection we’ve shared, and your continued support means so very much. Thank you, friend! xo


  9. It’s been quite a spring all around I think. Seems to be the time of year for renewal. Thanks so much for recognizing me.


  10. HonieBriggs says:

    Four WP bloggers have met up with me in person and I count them as friends to be sure. I hope to get the chance to meet you in real life too.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. noahezra says:

    Thank you for thinking of me Dawn. You’re like a sister to me and I admire the way you live your life out loud. To the fullest expression. Jumping and tasting and meeting and traveling. And then you talk about it and I get to experience your experience. And I am grateful for that gift.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Hi Dawn! First of all, please, please forgive me for taking so long to read and reply to this wonderful post. We did indeed fill up on that magic, although, it never seems to be enough. I feel so blessed to have you as a dear friend and I am so glad I joined the blogosphere if for no other reason but that it lead me to you and our friendship! For those of us who have been fortunate enough to get to spend time with you in person, I think I can take the liberty of saying for all of us, that the pleasure has truly been ours. You are simply one of the most genuine, delightful people that I know. Your writing is so powerful because you are willing to share that genuine voice with courage and conviction and I so admire you for this. Thank you for being you, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cathy, I am humbled to silence. Thanks so much. YOU really know how much this means to me right now. I am so grateful we were able to fill up, even for a few hours. It has carried me. Thanks so much friend. These words a so meaningful and appreciated. xox

      Liked by 1 person


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