Ode in photos to lots of dead animals and tourism: cowboy style

Oh Jackson Hole, how we’ve enjoyed your unique style and offerings. Today, it was Little Man’s day to choose, so we let him lead the way. This meant we road the alpine slide (and mom, kicked ass; beat the boys by a mile!); ate at a Shogun Sushi, which his guides had told him was not to be missed (pretty darn tootin’ good); checked out the fishing supply store (where our new fly fisherman– scrap any previous sexy comments I made in previous prior posts); showed us lots of flies, and strolled around this town, that prides itself on cowboy style entertainment. Each night at 6:00, there is even an old time shoot out in the town square, with hombres and good guys, shooting the town to pieces.                                                                                                                (Right: flies, not sushi)

I took loads of pictures, with my cell phone, to pay homage to the various classic and not so classic things that the Jackson Hole visitor gets to explore. We were especially struck by the abundance of dead animals, especially in an area that prides itself on its close access to all things wild and beautiful. I guess stuffed animals help bring that point home… for those who don’t feel like going and seeing them live? No doubt this is as close as we ever want to be to a grizzly (note Little Man’s expression), but hard to swallow the wolf, just to the right of the grizzly, after my time as wolf expert inYellowstone! Note to self:  Pull in tongue, bite down hard and wander on darlin’.  

They seem to have a clear disdain for “hippies” here, as demonstrated by countless t-shirts and signs for sale, that make the point very clear, even if they mask it in humor, because so many hippies come here!  Funny fishing and hunting t-shirts, generally heavy on manly man sexual innuendo and humor are a big sales item. Politically correct doesn’t really exist, though the politics cover both sides of the fur lined fence. The classic cowboy theme is what makes this town tick, even if the coolest Ford truck I ever saw, seems to have faux rust (yep, just lookie here at the photo)… it still oozes cowboy mystique.

Culture in the form of museums and live theater, co-exists with down home values like saloons, where the entire family can mosey on up to the bar and order a cool wet one.  When all is said and done: we are all Irish on St. Patricks day and even I almost bought a cowboy hat in Jackson Hole (thank you Hubby for reminding me that I don’t really like any hat!)… because deep down, everyone wants to be a cowboy at some point, and this place just lassoes it right out of you.

NOTE:  If you click on the photos, you should get the pleasure of seeing them enlarged… so you can read all the reasons why Fishing is in fact better than a woman!

I’ll tell you one thing fer sure: at the end of the day, the sunset is pure made from nature majesty, that no one here can harness or sell. It’s free for the noticing.

About Dawn Quyle Landau

Mother, Writer, treasure hunter, aging red head, and sushi lover. This is my view on life, "Straight up, with a twist––" because life is too short to be subtle! Featured blogger for Huffington Post, and followed on Twitter by LeBron James– for reasons beyond my comprehension.
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