The Middle… The Sunshine Is On Me (Award Season kicks off)

I have just been awarded the The Sunshine Award, in blogging, by Lisa at Cyclingrandma. What a sunny way to start a day!  I’ll say it again, the blogging community is an amazing entity. When I started my blog seven months ago, I was barely aware of blogs, and there were none that I “followed.”  Since starting mine, however, I’ve found an entire network of writers, who have helped me figure out ways to build my own niche, have entertained me, and who have honored me with their praise and support. There’s an entire world of fellow writers, out there, who put out work that is humorous, intelligent, thought provoking, moving, and just about every thing in between. I write to express myself and share things that are stewing upstairs. To be honored by a peer in the blog world is icing: butter-cream, chocolate swirl, icing, on a super rich cake.  (That–> kind of icing, on that kind of cake… that’s how good.)

Sure, the cynics in the crowd (of which I am often included), could argue that this is just a way for us all to “Toot our own horns,” and maybe they would be right; but so what? My writing means a lot to me, and it’s especially fulfilling when others read it and acknowledge it. I’m proud to be acknowledged by other writers, who I enjoy and admire. I’m happy to pass along the good vibes, pay it forward (something I enthusiastically embrace, whenever possible) and spread the word. There are some great things being written out there and I for one enjoy reading them. If you do too, read on:

The guidelines for receiving this award:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award Thank you, again, Lisa of Cyclingrandma. Lisa has read my blogs and left a comment for some time now and I am grateful for her support and time. You should check out her blog Cyclingrandma. She makes some very clever observations about all kinds of things in her kosher/cycling/going to the ballet/ interesting world.

2) Write a post about it- This is it.

3) Answer the questions below- Read on. Duh.

4) Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know-  I’ll do my best.

 **10 questions:

Favorite color: Hard call. I love color, but I’m also a gray girl. I’d have to go with shades of orange, with blues and greens tied for second.

Favorite animal: My dog Luke. His partner Callie held my heart for 15 years, but Luke is a devoted love.

Favorite number:  Don’t have one.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Water

Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook (see Old Dog + New Trick). But, I have been told that I really must try Twitter, and I just might…

My passions:  Family, Writing, Music, The ocean, Travel, Solitude, Reading, Hiking. The order is confusing at times.

Giving or receiving presents?  Ok, I’ll admit it: it’s a tie. I love picking out presents for people, but I do love getting them.

Favorite pattern: Have never given this a thought. I’ll throw in a twist:  Consistency.

Favorite day of the week:  A day when I feel free to do what I want, no questions asked.

 Favorite flower:  Huge fan of Tulips and snapdragons, but a field of poppies bring tears to my eyes.

Ten bloggers I nominate for a Sunshine Award:  Several of these, I’ve nominated for other awards, before, but honestly, I skip around a lot. These are ones that I come back to.

All Write:  What’s in a name? If you’re Harper Faulkner: wit, humor, social commentary, and a fabulous wife, all in one place, with great writing.

Me 2.0: Because Mikalee always makes me laugh, even when she’s being a Dick. (Check out her blog, to get why I would dare call her that)

Rita’s Reflections:  Rita Russell keeps me reading. Her posts are short, funny and ring true for me. I always have fun reading them.

Some Species Eat Their Young: Chase McFadden is hysterical, sexy (imitating what women say) and beautiful to read, as a dad and husband.

Snagglewordz: The name amuses me, her blog is exciting to follow. This is writer, documenting her efforts to be published. I find that fascinating.

Dig this Chick: She won’t notice this award, because she’s huge… but I love peeking in on her beautiful life in Montana. It makes me smile.

Indulge, Travel, Adventure & New Experience: Another blog that is huge (427,000 hits!), but Lesley Carter’s adventures make me salivate.

Eldon (We Specialize in Awkwardness): I admit, I like this blog in a creeper kind of way… I’m too old for his follies, but Eldon makes me “Lol.”

Domestic Simplicity: I may be past this phase of life, but I find Lillian’s photos spectacular, and her writing charming and soothing. So lovely.

How The Hell Did I End Up Here?:  A new one for me, that I am loving. Eleanor says it like it is, in her world. And I love that. We are two chicks who would seemingly have little in common, but have more “amens” to share, each time I read one of her posts, or visa versa. Check her out.

Every time I have to put together one of these lists, I feel a little badly. There are SO many great blogs and I am pretty lazy… when it comes to finding them and following them. While I really enjoy the ones above, there are others who follow me, or who I have found along the way, that are equally deserving. Do some exploring; you might be surprised.

Thanks, again, Lisa. Check out her blog Cyclingrandma. She writes about her observations as a mother and grandmother of kosher kids (like me), living in the NYC area and cool memories of an interesting childhood. And she rides a bike, whenever she can. I admire that!  I’m truly honored that she shared this with me.

Toot, toot!  Thanks for reading.  If you enjoyed this blog, and the new sources for reading, hit the Like button below. Share the post with others, withe Share link. And, check out the Facebook page: Tales from the Motherland

About Dawn Quyle Landau

Mother, Writer, treasure hunter, aging red head, and sushi lover. This is my view on life, "Straight up, with a twist––" because life is too short to be subtle! Featured blogger for Huffington Post, and followed on Twitter by LeBron James– for reasons beyond my comprehension.
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20 Responses to The Middle… The Sunshine Is On Me (Award Season kicks off)

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  2. Thank you so much for the award, but mainly for the nice comment about my blog. I appreciate the comment and you, greatly, and I will try to live up to the honor. Keep writing and telling us your tales. HF


  3. etomczyk says:

    Thanks Dawn. I am so touched by your thoughtful recommendation of my blog. We started blogoging about the same time, and I came to this assignment (told to do so by a writer mentor in order to get published) kicking and screaming. It has been very hard work but I have loved every minute of it, especially because of the blogging community that I have gotten to know. I have met such lovely people and you are one of them. I am truly grateful. Eleanor


  4. Shucks, Dawn — you know I love you and your blog, and you know I’m also one of the most vocal members of YOUR cheering squad…so it definitely feels bizarre to have the roles reversed!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Even though you called me a dick…



    • Just a reminder, a friendly reminder, YOU called yourself a Dick and said that I wasn’t… I am still stewing about not being a dick, but I remain one of the Queen Bees on your Cheer Squad. If this were an episode of Glee, I’d have a big M on my chest. : )


  5. Thanks! I’ll assume I’m the preeminent cross-dresser of the group.


  6. snagglewordz says:

    Hi Dawn, congratulations on the award! It’s no surprise to me that some sunshine has come your way. Loving the new look of the blog BTW. Now looking forward to browsing your list of recipients. 🙂 A BIG thank you for including me in there, Wow!


    • You are so welcome snagglwordz! Love reading yours and happy to share the wealth! Thanks for the feedback, I haven’t really heard much about the new look, but I thought it was much easier to read and find things. I still can’t figure out how to make the print darker though, and I find the grayish color hard to follow. Any tips? Hope you enjoy the recommendations! 🙂


      • snagglewordz says:

        I think the new look is very pleasing, including the grey on white text. 🙂

        You could see whether the Bueno theme has adjustable font settings:
        Dashboard | Appearances | Themes

        Although… you may have to pay for a customisation. Hmm.

        Other than that, I guess changing the text colour in your posts is an option. Good luck!


      • snagglewordz says:

        Me again, just saw your last comment. I don’t know if this will help or not… when I’m writing a new post there’s a menu of formatting options above the main body of text. The second row of these reads: “Paragraph” with a down arrow menu, “U” (underline), the line icon for “Justify,” and 4th across is “T” with a down arrow for changing text colour.

        If you want to change the text colour of previously written passages, highlight the relevant segment and select a colour from the “T” menu.

        Hope that helps!


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