The Middle… Spring, Sprang, Sprung.

This weekend, spring sprang here in the Pacific Northwest.  No doubt, it’s warmer and sunnier other places, but no one was complaining here. We don’t have a sparkling record in that (sun) department; but then it doesn’t rain nearly as much as people are led to believe, from TV.  We’re surrounded by year ’round green. The forests and water greet us each day. When we’re lucky, the “mountain comes out,” to add to the beauty. If you live here, you know what it means when people say: “The mountain(s) out.”  We may not have sun all the time, but oh we have beauty, and we have get up and go!  Around here, people are physically active no matter what the weather, but when the sun comes out, locals go, go, go!  Here’s a peek into the world I love.

Note:  The pictures are not that great, as I only had my phone with me, but you get the idea. All but two of these people are strangers. I made every effort to hide faces, or capture only part of them.  On three occasions, I asked permission and was granted it.   The legs at the bottom are anonymous, but I loved the shot.

We lay in the sun and read.  The gulls cry out, the water laps, and we lay there taking it in, as we turn the page.

We play frisbee.

We paddle.  Here in the Pacific NW, there’s a lot of different ways to paddle. Kayaks, canoes, surfskies, row boats, and then there’s paddling.

We go to yoga in hybrids.                                              We go to yoga on our bikes.        But either way, we go to yoga.

We wear all kinds of shoes to yoga; because here in the Pacific NW, flip flops always go side by side with Uggs.

We smile to see daffodils blooming.

Our tulip trees burst with flowers, and shed a white carpet on our lawn!     

  We savor public art, good friends, and sun on our legs.

We lay in the sun, on our deck, with our dog. And others, take pictures of us laying in the sun with our dogs.

We see the Alaska Ferry cruising on the crystal blue waters of Puget Sound.

We drive to La Conner and see whimsical art, on fences.

We drive to Deception Pass, because there are few places more beautiful.  And because we can.

We eat dinner out, and visit with friends, after a wonderful day in the sun.

Then we see an Academy Award Winning film (Undefeated) that was made by people who went to school here.  We put brewers yeast on our popcorn, because it’s just that kind of theater, in this kind of town… and it keeps Smart Guy from eating it all.

We store up vitamin D by day, for when gray will bring more green. We go to bed, at night,  grateful that we live in a place this glorious, this special.  And then we blog about it, which is different than bragging.  Kind of.

Has spring sprung where you live? Do you have all four seasons, or did you jump right to summer?  Do you live in a beautiful place too? Start a conversation, and tell me what you think.

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About Dawn Quyle Landau

Mother, Writer, treasure hunter, aging red head, and sushi lover. This is my view on life, "Straight up, with a twist––" because life is too short to be subtle! Featured blogger for Huffington Post, and followed on Twitter by LeBron James– for reasons beyond my comprehension.
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11 Responses to The Middle… Spring, Sprang, Sprung.

  1. Nice ode to your home state. Love that climate.
    We had a brief way too f.. hot two days and now back to spring… virtually no winter this year so sort of weird. I like the change in seasons.
    And in my town, I ride my bike to yoga, wearing clogs.


    • Hey Lisa, we love the climate too! Admittedly, I’d love some more sunshine, but I do love me some green and lush! For the record, this not my original home state… I’m a New England girl, south of Boston, on the shore. However, this is where I landed, and where I’ll stay. It is beyond spectacular! Great biking, btw. There are some wonderful trips on the islands… Good for you–> bike/yoga, BUT I think some sensible shoes are required! 🙂 thanks for stopping in.


  2. greenlightyoga says:

    Beautiful post! I live in FL, but I love the weather and landscape of WA. We may have the sun, but we lack the pure, raw aspects of natural life that you find out west!


  3. Beautiful pix — I’m not ashamed to admit I’m jealous!

    Alas, it snowed here last week — and tomorrow it’s supposed to be 87.

    So much for spring. Ugh…


    • Thanks Mikalee… I never take my nice camera with me anymore, so they look pretty grainy to me! You have nothing, NOTHING, to be jealous of!

      I am so grateful that we don’t deal much with snow… except when we go skiing! Now that, is something to be jealous of! 😉 87 here, makes the news.

      Thanks for stopping by friend. 🙂 Now go write for me! I miss you.


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  5. Rita Russell says:

    Okay so I read this yesterday when it was raining here in the Pacific Northwest and thought yea, right, whatever. Today, however, is glorious so RIGHT ON SISTER!


    • Just wait a minute and it will change darlin’… as you well know. It is always strange, too, when it’s sunny here and raining there, or visa versa. The rain was definitely a sad thing to face, after last weekend. Now, let’s hope it holds thru’ another weekend. 🙂 Thanks for checking in friend. 🙂


  6. Yes, spring has finally sprung here in WA! I recognize that yoga studio door (went to one class there because my SIL’s cousin was teaching). I do miss the 4 seasons I also grew up with back in Mass, but am getting used to our seasons here. Going to check out the tulips down here in Skagit this weekend and this coming week- they are at peak.


    • Yes, last weekend I was told they were peaking, and not so. Lots of daffs, but few tulips. I think I might cruise down again this week too! I prefer the weekdays when the crazy weekend crowds are not there. Funny how much we have in common mariner! Thanks again for reading along. 🙂



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