Updates and Silliness…. An Extra

Warning: Some distinct snark in this one. Thin skinned? Skip to the next one.

Blustery, crappy day… perfect for having my windows washed. Feh. Damn. Shit. I wait months and months, they are really bad… and it will all be undone before they finish. Did I say: Feh? Damn? Shit? Seriously! Sucks rotten eggs.

I wanted to clarify something:  my post The 100 Best Movies. Ever, from yesterday is just that, my post. My. Post. It was tongue in cheek people. It was funny. I am totally aware that no one person, no matter what their degree, how old they are, or how many movies they’ve seen, is qualified to put together a definitive list of The best movies Ever. It is the list I put together, on a recent day, trying to think of all the amazing movies that I really love.

I’ve gotten a bunch of private emails, Facebook posts, and comments on the post itself (the comments, btw were more than half the fun! Check them out), with suggestions that I missed the boat. One person suggested that I was “presumptuous” to think I could name the 100 best movies. Folks who want to remain private shall, but really people? It is fun. Fun. A list of fun. These are the 100 movies that I have seen, that pop into my head still. That increasingly foggy, blurry space, where gray matter is getting foggier by the day, that is my head. Those movies are there in the gray space, and that’s why they made the list. I love them. Many of my choices were for sentimental reasons, I admit. I’ve watched them with my kids over and over, or they make me remember a special time in my life. But isn’t that part of what makes film so magical?  We suspend reality and slip away to a magic place, when we sit in a theater, or watch at home.

Now, those of you who merely ran with my request and provided your own selections, or added ideas to the ones I’d chosen… that was the point! Everyone can make their own 100 Best Movies list. Mine is just that, mine. I loved reading my friend Rebecca’s post, which she put together after some fun back and forth in my comments. Those kind of comments make blogging fun— the back and forth, the feedback. She was clever enough to call her’s My Favorite Movies at This Moment In Time. Clever girl. Clever. Check it out; I probably should have included a few of her selections on my own list. But, it was my list. I didn’t.  I love hearing what readers thought, and what they would add or change. But, yes, it was tongue in cheek; it was not the absolute last word on movies. Except for Dances With Wolves; I stand by Dances With Wolves. Rebecca.

2/20/12 Check out all of those countries!

2/20/12 Check out all of those countries!

Harkening back to a post a few weeks ago, Hail Moldova, I’m excited to say that Moldova is not just a flash in the pan; Moldova is still with us! Who would have thunk?  I would love a comment from Moldova. What did you think about the Moldova post: did I get it right, or sorely lacking? What interests you on Tales From the Motherland? Are you from Moldova originally, or en expat? I’m very curious. Come on, throw me a tiny bone and leave a comment. That said, both yesterday and today have been very interesting days for International visits. In such a small window of time, so many cool countries! Love it.

Finally… a final word on my 100 Best Movies, I did make a few tiny adjustments. I added some that had to be added and either took out something else, or doubled up. Twofers. That said, I mostly stand by this list. I’m not adding Casablanca; I was never a fan. I know that I’ve missed Documentaries, some really great romantic comedies, film noir and lots of others. I went with what is still in my head. I stand by that. For now. This Sunday, I’ll watch the Oscars with bated breath and in costume, and maybe there will be new additions to my list… next year.



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15 Responses to Updates and Silliness…. An Extra

  1. rkilbreath says:

    I love that you made your list declarative; that’s what made it fun and totally presumptuous! And I love that it was so because we should all own our opinions and fight for them with gusto if need be.

    Dale and I often argue over entirely silly and subjective things. He laughed at me when I explained to him in detail last night over dinner why Dances with Wolves is a bad movie and then he teased me and said that Dances with Aliens somehow slipped under my radar because of the pretty 3D. And he’s right! Avatar is basically Dances with Wolves. Ha! BUT THE 3D!

    Thanks for the shout-out as well! I mean, clearly, my list is superior to yours in every way (ha!) but that’s because it’s from my entirely subjective from my POV.


  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    Do people really have time to email others about their concerns over someone’s favorite 100 movies picks? Hopefully they were all in fun. Oy vey.


  3. Lyssapants says:

    Wow, just wow. People need to chill the eff out and leave you alone.
    It was fun, and I enjoyed your list!!
    BTW, Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie!


  4. I loved your list. Very different than my list, but that’s what makes the world interesting and the Oscars annoying!


  5. We saw live orchestra with Casablanca just recently. Effective. Still love the film.
    I’m reading a bio about Yip Harburg, the lyricist of Wizard of Oz- fascinating behind the scenes — the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow was originally cut- he and the composer, Harold Arlen had to fight MGM to get it replace. One of the greatest that defines American culture. My sister’s husband is French and he didn’t grow up watching WoOZ… strange to think!


  6. Just between you and me, sometimes I hate people!! Hahahaha! I can’t believe anyone would mistakenly think you were writing a definitive list, like you think you’re Roger Ebert and are gonna publish this post. LOL! What’s wrong with folks?
    I loved it, but fear if I wrote one, from your experience, that people would tell me that I should have included Citizen Cane, The Godfather and Casablanca on my list. Buzz off, everyone! This is my list, my favorite movies, not yours. And while we’re at it I hate it when people include something on their list because the critics insist it’s great. Really? It’s subjective!! Be brave and state your own likes and don’t be afraid to defend them. Okay, that’s enough venting and validating.
    I raise my glass to Moldova!!!


  7. (hands up) Don’t Shoot! I am unarmed. 🙂



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