End Of An Era, Cookie.

This week I had a gulp moment, that blindsided me a little. Frankly, the fact that two of my kids are grown up and mostly out the door (one is way out the door, the other still has dirty laundry in his closet, AKA foot in the door), and my youngest will be a senior in high school next year, is not surprising anymore. There are still moments that sting, or are a little unexpected, but mostly I get it. I get it. It’s still an adjustment, but I’m not struggling to figure out what’s the what. Well… until I went to buy girl scout cookies.

About 1/6 of our stash...

About 1/6 of our stash…

Yep, those annual treats that appear at the entrance to every grocery store, business, or  mall, all over town. Cute little girl scouts calling out to me as I walk by, and I’m as sucker for Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tresfoils… Well actually, that’s the problem: I don’t actually eat them. My kids do. My kids… did. Middle Man loves them, so I’ve sent them to him at school, and stored them away for when he comes home. I buy the Thin Mints and stock our freezer; they last forever, and are best frozen anyway!  Little Man loves them too, but isn’t quite as gung ho as his big brother. Bottom line though, is that I buy piles of cookies each year for Smart Guy and my boys (Prinicipessa is Gluten Free).

But there I stood, counting out boxes, when I suddenly realized I’d have to ship these babies to China. Last week when I sent a letter to Middle Man, standard postage (2+weeks) was $1.47. I was told that if I’d like to send it Priority, to get it there in 7-10 days, it would be $24. Hello? What the hell would a couple boxes of cookies cost me! It was too late, those sweet little girl scouts were all pumped up and excited that this lady was buying (gulp) 24 boxes of cookies (Look, we freeze them!). I couldn’t exactly put them back.

“Wow, you’re our best customer!” One of the little doe eyed sweeties, with a sash exclaimed. Yep, I’ve made a lot of girl scouts happy, at cookie time. They all hopped around, counting boxes, totaling the purchase, looking adorable. And then one of them looked at me, with a sweet little face and said: “What happened to all of your other girl scouts?” Three little faces watched me; the mom who was manning the cookie table with them, smiling and waiting for an answer… and I choked. I actually choked right up. I thought of my daughter and her friends, I thought of my friends’ daughters over the years, my niece, and my cousin’s kids, and I got all blurry eyed. Um, all my favorite girl scouts grew up, and don’t sell cookies anymore, I managed to say.  The other mom looked at me, sympathetically, and the girls handed me my big box of cookies. “We can be your girl scouts,” the smallest one said. Ok, see you next year! I smiled, took my cookies and left.

As I drove away, it really hit me. Not only are my kids grown, so many of the kids I’ve been involved with, that I’ve loved, have grown up. No little girls calling me to buy cookies. No kids trying to sell me magazines at the annual middle school fundraiser. They’ve all grown up. The little kids I know now, are really little… and belong to much younger friends, who could practically be my kids! Realistically, it’s quite likely that the next real bond I have with a girl scout, will be with my own grandchildren. Shudder.

This aging thing is tough business. It’s not bad enough that when I look in the mirror each day, I hardly recognize myself, or that my knees hurt. It’s not bad enough that almost all of the kids I’ve thought of as cute and little for so long, are in at least Middle School, if not high school. It’s not bad enough that I have 24 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and I’m avoiding carbs! It’s not bad enough that two of my kids are thousands of miles and several time zones away. Individually, none of these things would do me in. None of them is bad enough on their own, but all together, it adds up to one big, fat sucky dose of reality. Thank goodness Girl Scout cookie time is almost over. I can’t deal with all those cute, little cookie monsters right now.

As I adjust to all these changes, and the constant reminders of them, it’s all about baby steps. Some days are good, some days not so much. For now, I’ll freeze some; maybe I’ll eat a few of them, and I’ll be in better shape next year to deal with all of it… cookie.

Do you like Girl Scout Cookies? What’s your favorite, and why? Got a favorite Girl Scout, who knocks on your door each year? Or have all your Girl Scouts grown up too? Leave a comment; hit the Like; bring it on.

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30 Responses to End Of An Era, Cookie.

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    My husband and I were just musing about this the other night, lamenting the fact that before we know it the kids will be gone and that 50 is not all that far away. “How is this possible?” we asked each other. At least I can enjoy a little reprieve as he’s a bit older than me, but come it will. And the odd thing is, I never really feel old (except when my upper back is screaming). Yet the clock keeps ticking.

    On a side note, I’m not sure how those Girl Scout cookies bypassed me this year. But it’s just as well. Those Samoas are so addictive. And so naughty.


  2. I, too, am a thin mint girl. I love Girl Scout cookies – much to my figure’s chagrin. 🙂
    I know what you mean about experiencing the passing of time through something as simple as seasonal cookies. Often it’s the expiration date on my gallon of milk that marks time for me! I’ve been known to gasp in the dairy section of my grocery store. I can’t believe how time is flying by. It sucks in a big way. I’m glad I have you to share this sucky time with me, Dawn. Isn’t that what friends are for? 😉


  3. Lyssapants says:

    I was a Girl Scout for 11 years. My mom was a Girl Scout, and she was my leader, and her mom before her. I miss cookie time! My faves are Thin Mints and Carmel Delights (which is what they were frickin called when I was a girl scout….none of this “Samoa” crap).
    Girl Scouts helped to make me who I am, because I didn’t really do sports. It was MINE, and I can’t wait til I get to be a leader someday….


  4. Lyssapants says:

    Did my comment post…? Testing.


  5. Great post. I could see you there. Felt the same way when the band kid came around for the music marathon.


  6. ‘when I look in the mirror each day, I hardly recognize myself’…Yes, upon seeing my reflection I often say to myself, “Who the heck is that?” I think having children around is important to remind us how fast they grow up. Otherwise, we would hardly be aware of time passing.
    As for a favorite GS cookie, that is like asking me which of my Girl Scouts I love the most. Qui peut dire?


  7. Honestly, I’ve never tasted a Girl’s Scout cookie for my life. I don’t even think I’ve even ever been in range of one. But I do resonate with you on the aging process. I never realized, but as I grew older I just hadn’t thought the rest of my cousins, especially the two little guys would actually enter high school and god forbid, have (girl)friends.. But my mother focuses on the fact that she’ll be rid of me soon, then she can obsessively clean to her heart’s content. (:


    • Trust me Ducky, your mom will be done cleaning and will miss you soooo much! Have you heard from schools? Do you know where you’re going yet? Such an exciting and super crazy time!


      • Haha awe, we don’t plan to be far, cept she is determined to leave the raininess of the coastal seasons for awful humid air that I can’t stand /:

        I still have no idea as to what I want to do yet, much as schools ! @@ I spoke to my friend last night who is going through the process of being in college and university at the same time and he’s just a depressing reminder of what I’ll be like soon…


        • Then DON’T LISTEN TO YOUR FRIEND! Not depressing at all girlie! I always tell hs seniors, that this is the perfect time to really fly, spread your wings. When you get to college, you can study what you WANT, not what you have to study to get into the college of your dreams. You can be whoever you want to be: if you were shy, and want to sing, sing. It is a new pond, and they don’t know you. You can just be and do what you want. No micromanaging. Some kids waste that, and others really set the world on fire. It’s depressing if you choose the wrong school, or don’t make the most of it. Where do you live, that’s rainy and miserable. We’re near Seattle; I hear you! You’re a senior, right? So, are you waiting for acceptance letters?


          • Oh I live in the renowned cry pit of the gods – Raincouver. Ah I try to feel that way, my older sister tries to advise me on the easy mistakes and she is a great example of doing just what she wanted – she was suppose to be an engineer, applied and all, then she switched to fashion! Threw my family in hell haha, I think they still secretly wish me to be something prominent to brag about..Thankfully I’m still in grade 11 so I’ve got some more time before the big gong hits me @@


  8. I actually pulled a coward move the other day, lugging all eight of my grocery bags to my car sans cart so that I could walk down the stairs and avoid the Girl Scouts congregating at an oblong table near the cart exit ramp. I’m fairly certain that Thin Mints are actually just a suggestion, as in: “Wanna be THIN. Then eat a friggin’ MINT, not one of these high calorie cookies.” Those kids in green are worse than the darn Salvation Army santas. They look up at you all sweet and innocent with their pigtails and skinned knees, even though every time you hand them five bucks, they are essentially stapling that minty, chocolaty goodness to your ass cheeks.

    No, Carrie Rubin, I am not stalking you. However, I suspect that you are the owner of a time machine which allows you to determine, in advance, what blogs I will be reading and beat me to them with your clever, pithy comments. Damn you, Dr. Rubin! Smart and funny – you’re nearly as bad as talesfromthemotherland, who I’ve just discovered and will be following. All this damn talent on WordPress is making me nauseous.

    Well done, talesfromthemotherland.



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