So Your Kid is Graduating From High School… Listen Up.

This is a monumental few weeks for us. My nephew graduated from college last week; my daughter returned from Israel yesterday, and will be home for three months; our oldest son is graduating from college this weekend, and then moving overseas for a year, and in a few weeks our youngest will graduate from high school, along with our much loved, German son (AKA: German exchange student). One will return to Germany, and our son will study abroad.
I will be heeding my own advice, as hard as it is. This summer, Little Man and I are “carving out sacred time,” by taking a trip to Scandinavia… he is a lover of Vikings, and we get to visit our Danish daughter (AKA: Danish exchange student 2011/2013). I will be making time for my nephew and my daughter, as they get ready for bigger adventures. I’ll be doing all of this, while trying to maintain my “bubble,” my own space. It is a pivotal time in our lives! At the end of this summer, our nest will indeed be empty!
So, I’m reposting this. It seemed timely.


So your child is graduating from High School? Mazel! Congratulations! Bravo! Way to go: parent and graduate! Graduation from High School is a big deal. It really is. But it’s taken me a few rounds to really appreciate that.

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I remember when my first two kids graduated from high school, and Smart Guy and I were told by extended family members that high school graduation “wasn’t really that big of a deal.” It wasn’t something that cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents fly in for, or really even celebrate.  There were no cards, no gifts sent. At first I was disappointed, but eventually I accepted that idea, and figured maybe it was just an immediate family only thing— something you celebrate at home, with friends who also have kids graduating, or who have spent a lot of time with you and your kids. At the time, that made sense.

My Mom lived…

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6 Responses to So Your Kid is Graduating From High School… Listen Up.

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Wonderful post. The sentence “For the first time in your child’s life, you wont know where they are each night” really had an effect on me. I never sleep well when one of my kids is gone on a school or camping trip. Once they’re back home, I feel like I can rest again. Can’t imagine the feeling I’ll get when their absence becomes the norm. 😦


  2. Trip w/ your son sounds great!


  3. Mike Lince says:

    Wow, you get to travel to Scandinavia! I have no right to be jealous, but I am. I look forward to your stories when you return. – Mike



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