Friday Fictioneers: Just Like Those Movies…

friday-fictioneersWelcome to Friday Fictioneers, a weekly 100-word flash fiction challenge with a photo prompt. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields leads our merry band of writers, asking that we do our best work, and make an effort to read and support our fellow Fictioneers. If you’d like to join in, or check out the other stories, visit Rochelle’s blog, Addicted to Purple. This week’s photo comes from Björn Rudberg. And a big thank you to Mr. Rudberg, for reminding me to link up… something I am notoriously bad at! Forgot again this week.

bjc3b6rn-6 Just Like In Those Movies  (102 words)

“When I were little, I dreamt of a differnt life– a handsome prince in a fancy car… Our family took the bus to the market and church; we couldn’t never afford a car. My prince would have a small, sexy one and he’d drive up to our tiny house and whisk me away to his castle on the hill.

And that’s just what Johnny done! His red Pinto was so hot– he didn’t have to ask twice! We’ve lived in our beautiful house on this hill for twenty years now. The road is steep… but life is sweet, just like I dreamt.”

*     *     *

veryinspiring_bloggerawardNote: I’d like to thank Jill at Ripples of Truth for sending the      my way. I told Jill that I don’t really participate in these awards anymore. Too big for my britches? No; I just don’t have the time, and I’ve answered all of the questions that come along with the gig. That said, it’s always an honor and I’m always touched when another blogger recognizes my work, and sends some love. So I’m sending love back to Jill (a pseudonym) at Ripples. She’s a twenty-something year old blogger and “wallflower,” who writes about her life as she tries to make sense of it. She’s studied in the UK, traveled a lot, and she shares her experiences on her blog. Check it out! Thanks Jill!

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About Dawn Quyle Landau

Mother, Writer, treasure hunter, aging red head, and sushi lover. This is my view on life, "Straight up, with a twist––" because life is too short to be subtle! Featured blogger for Huffington Post, and followed on Twitter by LeBron James– for reasons beyond my comprehension.
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48 Responses to Friday Fictioneers: Just Like Those Movies…

  1. Mike Lince says:

    As humble a dwelling as that house on the mountainside might seem for a prince, it is striking in its uniqueness – kind of like you! So I get how you would imagine living in a ‘castle’ like that. – Mike


  2. As usually princes come in different packages, and life can be sweet even in a red Pinto.. Great take here… (Don’t forget to link up – I got the FB update)


  3. Love the voice in this. I was expecting bad news at the end…. Thanks for not delivering it. Cheers.


  4. Dawn, Good and well-written story with a great happy ending. Well done. I have that Disney tune “Some Day My Prince Will Come” in my head now, but that’s okay. Congratulations on the new award! 🙂 —Susan


    • Thanks Susan. It’s always nice to be supported and appreciated by fellow bloggers. They are my people! I’m glad you enjoyed this post, but I do feel badly about the song… that was not my intention. 😉 Dawn


  5. jgroeber says:

    Her voice is perfect. And the twist is actually delivered… in the photo of that house sliding away. A fitting metaphor for those dream princes who don’t end up being as “upright” as they first appear.


  6. Sandra says:

    Lucky girl then! I enjoyed your story almost as much as I enjoyed your elegant response to the blogging award – you should have entered diplomatic service, Dawn.


  7. Dear Dawn,

    I have to echo Sandra on your elegant response to the blogging award. I always feel guilty turning those down.
    I enjoyed your story and your MC’s voice. Prince Charming doesn’t always come in a diamond studded package. Nicely crafted.




  8. Maree Gallop says:

    A nice fairy tale. I love the voice of the character.


  9. Lynda says:

    This was wonderful, Dawn, but it was the Pinto that put the finer point on the humor in your story! My mother drove a Pinto for years and we had many a ride in it. Fancy car indeed! 😀


  10. rgayer55 says:

    A Pinto, or the Ford Firebomb, as we called it. I hope no one smashes into them from the rear. Cute story, Dawn.


  11. wmqcolby says:

    Character!!!! YES! Great sketch. I know a lot of people like her. BRAVISSIMO, Dawn!


  12. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Loved this, Dawn. One girl’s house is another girl’s castle!


  13. Amy Reese says:

    It’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? For some people it’s a horse and carriage, for another a Pinto. What a delightful little fairy tale, Dawn!


  14. plaridel says:

    i love a happy ending… and the red pinto must be a collector’s item by now. should be worth a fortune.


  15. empeck says:

    Great use of language. Gotta love the fairy tales come true.


  16. britlight says:

    This played out in my head with a yorkshire accent. 🙂


  17. MissTiffany says:

    Yay a happy ending! I love it, and this woman’s voice leaps off the page. Wonderful!


  18. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Dawn, Great story and you made me laugh with the Pinto. My sister used to have one and they were cute little cars but the key word is “little.” Congratulations on the blog award too! You deserve it! Nan 🙂


  19. K.Z. says:

    aww i love this real life fairy tale and the character’s voice as well 🙂


  20. I was recently at a car show to support the local museum and saw a “tricked out” red pinto from my high school days. I thought it was funny because back then “we” thought Pintos were lame.


  21. Dee says:

    Lovely story Dawn, and nice to read a happy ending,I really must practise those..
    Like Rochelle and others have said your response to the blogging award was spot on.
    Great to catch up with you again



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