Something Slutty This Way Comes… Seriously?

It’s that time of year again… thought I’d pull this out of the vault, as I sit waiting for my… 1… Trick-or-Treater. Happy Halloween y’all!


Ok, I admit it; I’m getting old. I find myself lost in the crazy world of progress. Some days lately, I sound like an old lady even to myself! Look at all those naked butts! These black leggings have got to go!  Or, take your hat off when you’re inside, or at the table. Or, What the hell is going on with Halloween costumes for girls? Seriously people, why are so many costumes variations of slutty, skanky images for girls, while boys get to be action heroes, goblins, ghouls, knights, pirates, and the like. The girls can be these things too:  if they’re willing to saunter about in super short, breast push-up, pedophile attracting counterparts. So call me an old lady; go ahead and do it in the comments section; but I find it disgusting!

Draculaura, size 4-6 Draculaura, size 4-6

photo    photo

We wanted to be rolly polly bees; cute bees... We wanted to be rolly polly bees; cute bees…


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4 Responses to Something Slutty This Way Comes… Seriously?

  1. Dawn, What’s needed are more “old-fashioned” parents. People should petition the companys who manufacture those objectionable costumes. They should write in to newspapers, etc.People have to make their voices heard and hit those companys where it hurts, in their income. Some of those costumes are just plain outlandish and wrong in so many ways. They could even picket the stores that sell such costumes. Things have gotten way out of hand because the gatekeepers aren’t paying attention. Good for you. Keep up the good fight. I’m going to retweet this. I never worried about what others thought if I felt I was in the right. Sometimes it’s good to be old-fashioned. —Susan


    • And first and foremost, don’t allow your children to wear them! There’s little we can do about adults, but too many parents throw up their arms and allow their children to do whatever they want, because “everyone else is doing it.”


  2. hbksloss says:

    I retweeted because this is an important issue. If young girls can’t see themselves as a hero in their own lives we seriously limit their options for the rest of their lives. Personally I have not loved the way our country does Halloween for years. When the kids were little (under 5) it was sweet and cute. But once they hit school age it became crass, over-sexualized, commercial and uncomfortable. My kids were not all that into it and that was fine with me. The part they like was being with their friends. In the Midwestern town we lived in in the early 2000’s there was good and bad. Good because they always asked kids for a joke before giving candy, so it wasn’t just about the sugar. Bad in that my son felt left out of the holiday when kids in his grade used Halloween to exclude him from parties. When I grew up, we had to invite the while class so no one felt left out. I spent so much time as a parent comforting my lonely son on Halloween that it took something out of the holiday.


    • I couldn’t agree more. There were definitely some years, later, when my son was cut out of groups who had once included him. Sadly, it was often the parents orchestrating that, as their sons would later tell mine. I’ll never understand when it became so acceptable for parents to play such an invasive roll in this kind of thing– orchestrating popularity. Little Man is a very tender hearted kid, who has had the same BF for years, and who is so much better off since graduating high school. There’s no more pressure to “fit in” or figure out why he is or isn’t included… now he’s the captain of his own ship, and is much happier for it. Some very good thoughts coming from the comments here; thanks for adding to the discussion!



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