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This week is my is 27th wedding anniversary. We got married on Valentine’s day, 27 years ago, after dating for four years. There’s some irony for me in the Weekly Writing Challenge prompt “My Funny Valentine”: we asked the pianist … Continue reading

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This Is Your Brain on Drugs; This is My Brain on The Dining Room Table.

If you’re old enough, you remember those clever anti-drug commercials where a guy held up an egg, and said: “This is your brain.” (The idea, clearly, that your brain is a delicate thing held inside a fragile shell.) Then, showing … Continue reading

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Ode to the Middle Man

Note:  Strong sarcasm ahead. It is bred in me, and having just returned from the Boston area, where I grew up, it is on high gear right now. Also, while my kids have forbidden me to post their pictures or … Continue reading

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