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The Grass is Always Greener, on Facebook… a Graduation Tale.

  I’ve talked about it before; I’ve shared the good, the bad and the ugly in blog posts and on Facebook, but the reality is that we generally put our best Facebook forward. We put our sparkly stories out there, … Continue reading

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It Truly Takes a Village…

  When I chose the name Tales From the Motherland, two years before I ever started blogging, I did so because I’d begun to realize that my entire life is informed and influenced by having raised my children. My role … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge, Foreshadow

I haven’t done the weekly photo challenge before, but each week as I look through others’ work, I think: I should do one too. When I saw Foreshadow, I new immediately which photo I would use. Right after my daughter’s … Continue reading

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Drunk Texting… Drunk Blogging, On a Very Big Day.

(Written late Sunday evening; photos posted Monday. No sober editing.) When I was in college, there was the dreaded drunk call. You got drunk, and inevitably dialed the wrong person’s number… Usually a boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, a crush… the wrong person: … Continue reading

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