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Can Watching Ellen DeGeneres Cure Depression

No. Watching Ellen DeGeneres cannot cure depression. If it were that simple, we wouldn’t have an epidemic of depression and suicide in this country. No miracle cures–– depression is hard to shake–– but one day of watching Ellen DeGeneres more … Continue reading

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Bravo! Let’s Get Real…

Hi, my name is Tales From the Motherland, and I’m addicted to reality.  Please don’t call me out for using the classic “meeting” hello; trust me, there will be plenty of opportunities to judge here. Those of you who are … Continue reading

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It’s No Shave November… Which Leads to The Dreaded Perv Stache

It’s No Shave November. What you say, you’ve never heard of No Shave November? Neither had I. As a matter of fact, when my 16 year old son, Little Man, told me that he was participating in NSN, I thought … Continue reading

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