2012: Brilliant. Versatile Blogger x 2.

Well, if 2011 was tough, then 2012 it starting out surreally good. There is, of course the grieving… and trust me, that hits in tsunami like waves, over and over right now. But, in this wonderful world of blogging, that I only dove into six short months ago, things are going very, very well indeed. I am sincerely honored that Pamela Zimmer, of Stories of a Mom has also given me the Versatile Blogger Award, for the second time in three days. Vivian Kirkland gave it to me this week as well, and I can’t express enough, what an honor it is to be recognized by other bloggers.  It means a lot folks!

Given recent circumstances, I have not spent a lot of time reading Pam’s blog, but the past 3 posts that I did read were wonderful. I am long past worrying about babysitters or the issues that wear young parents down. I’m already worn and now working my way through the teens and well into the young adult stages of parenting. I’m dealing with kids that stay out all night, who leave their messes all over my previously clean kitchen and say “I’ll get it later mom,” both of us knowing that I will lose it completely if I have to look at that scrambled egg pan and plate all day… Mom will put it in the dishwasher. But, Bloggers like Pamela really put themselves out there so that young mothers can find a place to feel validation, and can feel a sense of tribe. Bravo for that!  I may have lots of reasons to think the internet has taken us away from many important values and rituals (I’ll get to that in a very near future post), but it’s great that there are so many wonderful bloggers out there that provide support for so many others.

I am honored to accept this award again. I am copying the same list I provided in the post just before this one, as I am still too numb and overwhelmed to do justice to the other bloggers who might deserve the recognition. As for the 7 things about me: not much has changed since yesterday… except,

1. I did not sleep well again last night

2. I woke up and cried a storm.

3. I can’t put down The Hunger Games’ 2nd book,  Catching Fire

I still recommend these other bloggers. Please see my previous post for more details.  Thank you again to Pamela Zimmer of Stories of a Mom, for this honor. Check out this post of hers; I think it’s wonderful.

Domestic Simplicity

Me 2.0

Chronicles of a Family Outing

Rita’s Reflections


Dig this Chick

Some Species Eat Their Young

Kathleen Mulroy’s Blog

Of note:  THIS is officially my shortest post… See, I can be brief.  Sort of.

And since this is all about building a network, making my blog more successful and finding new readers, I will now unabashedly, toot my own horn again:

Stop! Really. Read this.  Please note:  If you enjoy these posts hit “Like” and make me smile. It also helps my blog grow and that is the point. Go back and hit Like.  Thanks. Then, be nice and “Share” them with others; ’tis the season. Better yet Like them; Share them and then do something nice for yourself: “Subscribe.” You won’t get any spam, you can sign up with an anonymous name (I won’t know who you are, unless you tell me),  and you will get an email each time I post.  Think of it as a Holiday gift to yourself.  You know you want to. Go ahead, make my day (sorry about the gun, but this is serious business).

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Mother, Writer, treasure hunter, aging red head, and sushi lover. This is my view on life, "Straight up, with a twist––" because life is too short to be subtle! Featured blogger for Huffington Post, and followed on Twitter by LeBron James– for reasons beyond my comprehension.
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