The Middle: This Is Not About the Election.

This is The Middle. The Middle of the week, and the day I try to write a shorter post. Not today. I’m exhausted and have no time… no time as in, I’m taking time from the things I really need to do today (like drive 4 hours to get my car back) to tell you I’m not writing a new post… or not really. Technically, this is already a new post, with each word I type. That would get old, or has already. I can assure you this, aside from a brief acknowledgement of said election, this post is not about politics. It is not about the months of candidate’s rhetoric, ads or coverage. This is not about the election.

Kick back; relax; and read some Tales.

So, I’m suggesting you take the day to read the news. There’s a lot of it. Whether your guy won or not, there’s a lot to think about and I am hoping that we can all move on from the back biting and meanness of the last few months and try to find some middle ground. We need it. Truth be told, I will miss all of the comedy. SNL, Jon Stewart, Colbert, have been very funny at times… but even that gets old.  If my guy had lost (there I said it), there is no doubt I would be in shock this morning and thinking of the woulda, coulda, shouldas (also the title of a very early post, that I like)… why didn’t I drive voters to the poll? Why did I break up with Barack (a fun and clever post, if I do say so. I do. Say so), when he needed me most? It’s hard to move on from something that most of us were very invested in, one way or another.

None the less, I’ve always believed that you do your best to demonstrate sportsmanship. Reading some of the posts today “Four more years of this Bozo,” or “four more years of the White Prince,” or just plain old comments that wish the President and others bad fortune, leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. I know that I would not be doing the same, and when Little Man made a critical comment last night, I let him know that both sides worked hard, and there should be no gloating, name calling or mean stuff. When it looked like it might go the other way, he and I had a very honest and good conversation about how to move beyond our own politics to work on progress. I believe in that. Sour apples, do not make anything sweet.

If you’ve had enough of the news, then of course I’d like to keep you here. I’d like to see my hard work rewarded with readers. That’s what it’s there for.  Here are a few posts that I really had fun with, think are important, or just think deserve another chance. Some are from back when I was just starting this blog, so lots of you weren’t here yet. Others are more recent. Check them out. You are of course free to look through the archives and find something on your own. It’s all good.

Check these posts out: because they are funny, poignant, silly, or just worth your time. Click on the title to go to the post. If you enjoy them, take a minute and hit like; then tell me what you think. Leave a comment.  Also, IF you are participating in NaNoWriMo this month, I’d love some company! Stop over at the Tales From the Motherland Facebook page, and share your thoughts and numbers with me. I’d love to share the ride.  Have a good day people!

Th first post that I want to share is, Call Me Gay, Call Me A Fag

Too young to die.
Jamey Rodemeyer

This post means a lot to me because I think the problem is just as big now, but perhaps the political climate is changing and will help? Our state, Washington, passed a law allowing same sex marriage yesterday. I am proud to live in a place where everyone has equal rights to divorce, or to live happily ever after. One of Little Man’s friends posted: “Yay! Now my moms can finally marry!” What a message for a 17 year old… her mothers, who have been together her entire life, can now be acknowledged legally. Haters, don’t say a word. This, in my opinion, is a beautiful thing.

News Flash: It’s a Hot Flash (If you haven’t already, read yesterday’s post, it’s good); The Grass is Always Greener on Someone Else’s Head (this was Freshly Pressed. I don’t think it’s my best work, but Word Press liked it); Peace (I wrote this in the half hour after my mother died. Those moments are still with me);  The Joy of The Saddle and Buckle

The Tetons and Yellowstone, where my mind wanders

Bunnies (if you don’t know what a BB is, read this. The end of my Yellowstone trip, when I ran away and found my voice again. If you enjoy this post, there are several more about that trip); Remembrances, Aspirations and a Crooked Tree (because my father has a birthday in November, and that is never far from my mind); Updates From the U.N. (because I’m working on a book about it, and having those two exchange students was the best time ever!); Is It Just Me, Or Does This Weather Make Me Look Bitchy? (because it’s one of my earlier posts, and it still rings true. Hmm, no change); A Couple of Wrong Turns Can Make All the Difference (because I’d be back in in Yellowstone in a minute, and it’s not everyday I pick up old men); Would You Take a Bullet for A Math Test? (from a few weeks ago. I think Malala Yousafzai needs to stay in our thoughts. Her recovery is going much better than anyone anticipated!); Call Me Prissy… Butt (hell, I just get a kick out of seeing how many people read this each day!); and finally This is Not Just a Tail, But A True Love Story (because everyone loves a dog story, and Callie was the best ever!); Conceptual Baby (read this for the comments. Yes, the comments.  The artist Robert Fones, who this is about, read this post and wrote an amazing response. I was proud to get it, and it’s amazing to read); Frankly, several of the posts in September and October were poorly visited. Go back and show them some love.

Again, feel free to just search my archives all day.

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4 Responses to The Middle: This Is Not About the Election.

  1. nice… i’m in a slump w/ my blog.. need inspiration. The past week has been a whirlwind with the hurricane, house guests, power off, power on.. no trains to NYC.. I guess I could complain but others have it far worse. Election.. only want positive things- we are such a divided country. Good luck with the novel!


    • Thanks Lisa. Sorry to hear that you’re struggling. I just told another blogger, sometimes you just have to step away and take a break- come back fresh. It’s hard work writing these posts and a lot of people don’t really get that. When it’s not fun, don’t do it! Hugs. Hang in there.


  2. veronicad1 says:

    Thank you for your fall list of “Greatest Hits”. I was behind in reading and got to pick out a few fantastic ones! Great job!



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