Everyone Poops

Image: creativethorp.com

Image: creativethorp.com

Note: This post was already in the works, nearly done, when the horrific events in Boston occurred. Boston is my home town and my heart goes out to all of the runners and spectators who were impacted by this terrorist act. Boston is a strong town with strong people, but this kind of horror is a lot for any place to bear. My heart is with Boston and the people from around the world, who are there.

Don’t read into the title; don’t expect toilet humor… butt maybe.  On the other hand, if you have a dainty constitution, move on to other reading. When I said on my byline that this is my “twisted” view of the world, here it is. Sometimes my thinking veers left, but in the end, there’s a deeper meaning here. However, it’s not beneath me to use some body humor to make that point.

The other day as I was driving home, I was thinking about peer pressure, self esteem, and conflict. I was thinking about how I had let someone else make me feel bad about myself. The issues were stupid, but I’d let it get under my skin. It’s me; I’m the one who took that on. The situation was a classic booby trap for me. Two points of views, at odds, and I started over-analyzing my input. I started feeling bad about myself and second guessing what I’d said, and done. It’s a vicious spiral down; a no win outcome, because I always judge myself harshest. And there it was, the thought: why do I start thinking that someone else is better than me, that they are more entitled to an opinion? When we get down to it, we’re all human… We all poop.

image: blog.sharcare.com

image: blog.sharcare.com

Pow! The thought just hit me, and as I drove along, it just got funnier and funnier to me. School bully? They poop. International threats aren’t the only stinkies that Kim Jong-un makes. Angelina Jolie may have Brad Pitt, but she still poops. So does Brad. Prettiest, smartest, most popular, least popular, most successful, least successful, leaders of countries— they’re all brought to the same base line when it comes to nature. Suddenly, I could see some humor, in realizing that even the people I find most intimidating, have to deal with the most basic of realities. The most impressive person, the one that shakes your confidence, they’ve all looked back at the bowl to see the outcome. Dr. Oz says that if you’re eating right and taking care of yourself, you  should see an S. Really? I think that my steady diet of Hot Tamales has derailed the alphabet for me.

Everyone poops.  Strangely, this idea is very freeing. Self-esteem issues are not new to me. I’ve certainly heard it said, had it explained; I’ve read about self-esteem, and seen countless talk shows over the years, that spell it out. I get that it starts in me. When I accept my own worth, or when I just observe things and detach from the outcomes, I’m much less likely to start comparing and feeling like I need to back peddle. It’s easy for me to say it to others, but it’s the stuff I have to work on all the time. “Do as I say, not as I do.”  It’s hard wired in me, and I have to really put my mind to it, to not fall in that trap of self doubt and criticism. But suddenly, thinking on the most base level, using my inner Beavis, it all seemed funny— a lot less set in stone. It’s a little harder to compare yourself to someone else, or debate your worth, when you remember that they are ultimately no different than you, in the most basic ways.

image: Taro Gomi, Everyone Poops

image: Taro Gomi, Everyone Poops

When my kids were little they had a book called Everyone Poops, by Taro Gomi. It’s a cute picture book that’s meant to teach kids that bodily functions are normal and healthy, and that they need to take care of their bodies. Gomi uses bold artwork to show that camels poop, fish poop, and humans poop, etc.  My boys, in particular, thought it was the funniest book— the beginning of the whole “potty humor” phase that boys inevitably dive enthusiastically into. I’m not sure that the book was intended to teach self-esteem, but the concept is interesting. Maybe there was more to that book that mommy missed? A teaching moment missed? Yes kids, everyone poops; we’re all the same in the end.

Why do so many of us give our power over to others? Why do we allow ourselves to feel beneath others? There are always going to be people who have more, or have less: whether it’s materially or personally. There will be times when you’re right, and when you’re wrong, when one person is better at something and when you are. In the end, we all need to find our inner comfort zone and self worth. In the end, we all poop.

If this gave you a giggle, or you just like body humor, read these two clever posts. None of us knew the other was writing what we were, but we all just fell into the same zone. Check out some fun reading at:  Carrie at The Write Transition: http://carrierubin.com/2013/04/15/ouch-glad-that-was-nut-me/    AND  Lyssa at Psychobabble (and by the way, this is not about what she sees in clouds): http://psychobabblepants.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/finding-shapes-in-the-clouds/

Share your thoughts. What pushes your buttons? Do you judge yourself harshly? Or are you a confident person? Hit like, if you poop too.

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33 Responses to Everyone Poops

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Hahaha. Loved this post, not only because it’s funny and insightful, but I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one who’s rationalized things like this. Whenever I think someone is out of my league, so to speak, I either remind myself that 1) they put their pants on one leg at a time like I do, or 2) as you so elegantly put it, everybody poops.

    Thanks for lightening my mood. I needed that today.


  2. More than “Like,” I Loved this!! These days, when someone says or does something that riles me up, I try to remember to ask myself what button in me just got pushed. And if someone in my presence gets riled up, I try to remember that it’s not about me- it’s their “stuff” coming up, wanting to be examined. “Why do so many of us give our power over to others?” So insightful!!

    Taking it down to the base level of poop, was brilliant! (Had that book and loved it).


  3. Lyssapants says:

    I poop!! I totally clicked on this because I love toilet humor, but I got a self esteem boost! Win!


  4. This was awesome, Dawn! I may steal this idea for an emotional wellness class I’m doing. It’s perfect. Pooping is the great equalizer. It makes for a level playing field, at least a fertilized one!! Lol! I coldn’t help myself. My kids had that book too and it cracked them up! Nice job.


  5. I always comment, so forgive me for not commenting sooner – I am on the road (in Seattle at the moment). I will follow up further as time allows. 🙂


  6. This did give me a giggle. Thank you for your humorous insights on what has otherwise been a challenging morning. 🙂



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