Following Jen’s Lead: 60 Things I’m Grateful For in 2014– Join the Fun!

Am I reblogging a post from two days ago? Yes! I am. After this one went out it occurred to me that it would be fun to make this an “event.” I’ve added an explanation at the end, but simply: write your own gratitude post, link to my post and Jennifer’s post (included in mine) and I’ll add yours to the list on the bottom of this post. Add Joy to this season and share some Gratitude! Come on; it feels GOOD!


Share the Gratitude! Share the Gratitude!

I headed over to a favorite blog today, Jenny’s Lark, and found that Jen had started a list, as part of the Daily Prompt, and suggested others do the same. Ironically, I had been wanting to do this Daily Post challenge, for three days, but the time got away from me. Jen’s post gave me just the nudge I needed!  I stopped reading right after her introduction and decided to write my own; I didn’t want to be influenced by her list. I took a few minutes to think it through, and the list added up like crazy.

I  spent 12 minutes writing, because I wasn’t finished with the last two that were in my head, when the timer went off. I also spent some extra time formatting and adding links and photos. Like Jen, I found myself going over the 50 goal. Things just kept popping into my head…

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3 Responses to Following Jen’s Lead: 60 Things I’m Grateful For in 2014– Join the Fun!

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  2. mamaheidi60 says:

    43 in ten minutes:
    1. Grateful for my husband of some 43 years
    2. Grateful for my beautiful daughter.
    3. Grateful for her lovely partner who loves her.
    4. Grateful for the 4 granddaughters my daughter in love brought into this world
    5. Grateful for all my friends. That could probably fill up the next 60!
    6. Grateful for my family.
    7. Grateful for my brother and sister. Can’t imagine life without them.
    8. Grateful for my health.
    9. Grateful for having my husband alive this year!
    10. Grateful for health insurance.
    11. Grateful for a savings account.
    12. Grateful for my parents’ investing in us as kids.
    13. Grateful for hiking trips.
    14. Grateful for camping trips.
    15. Grateful to grow up in Seattle.
    16. Grateful for my church family in Seattle.
    17. Grateful for my church family in Bellingham.
    18. Grateful for my home.
    19. Grateful for a fire.
    20. Grateful for many shelves of books, read and unread.
    21. Grateful for good music at my fingertips.
    22. Grateful for the many fine musicians I know.
    23. Grateful for the scenes of beauty around me – the lake, mountains, trees.
    24. Grateful for a job I absolutely love.
    25. Grateful for families who can love their children.
    26. Grateful for people who devote their lives to helping others in need.
    27. Grateful for choices in what I eat.
    28. Grateful to be able to travel around the world.
    29. Grateful to Grandparents who inspired.
    30. Grateful for a family that valued family gatherings.
    31. Grateful for Hospice.
    32. Grateful to be able to read, to hear, to see, to write.
    33. Grateful for fish in our creek.
    34. Grateful for eagles in the trees in our front yard.
    35. Grateful for unconditional love from my husband.
    36. Grateful for laughter every day.
    37. Grateful for independence.
    38. Grateful for pets.
    39. Grateful for understanding.
    40. Grateful for medicine.
    41. Grateful to live in the Northwest.
    42. Grateful to have my daughter and her family live nearby.
    43. Grateful to be able to create.

    Have to complete the list now!
    44. Grateful for rain.
    45. Grateful for sun.
    46. Grateful for clean water.
    47. Grateful for power.
    48. Grateful for silence.
    49. Grateful for those who can do what I can’t do.
    50. Grateful for volunteers.
    51. Grateful for teachers.
    52. Grateful for Plonk. (Had to put that in there, didn’t I?)
    53. Grateful for happiness.
    54. Grateful for many shoes, coats, basics.
    55. Grateful for free speech.
    56. Grateful for family history, knowing it. Or most of it…
    57. Grateful for technology to connect with others over time and distance.
    58. Grateful for good storytellers.
    59. Grateful for good children’s literature.
    60. Grateful for opportunities to grow and learn in my 60’s.
    There. Very stream of consciousness writing. Fun process.


    • Love, love, love this Heidi! If you were a blogger, I’d link to your page in a heartbeat, but damn… You sure write a great list! I really thought more bloggers would take me up on this, but you’re the first friend. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Gratitude. xox



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