The Last Day… I Didn’t Know.

I’m struggling to keep up momentum and keep writing. I’m writing things to submit to other sources… places that demand it be unpublished elsewhere. My blog loses, but I’m out there working to be a writer who is published. Facebook reminded me of this post, and I it seemed a great time to repost it. A lots changed since I wrote this. I had a few things wrong, in the telling of my family story… things with my mother were a bit different; I’ve learned a lot since then ( ). “Remember The Time” no longer runs (which is too bad, because it was a great prompt!), and I don’t hear much from some of my old blogging buddies ( But I am out here, trying to write more and get myself published. This story reminds me to be mindful, but that life marches on, and things change. Hope you’ll leave a comment, and let me know what you think!


When Kelly at Are You Finished Yet contacted me and asked if I would co-host this week for the Remember The Timers, a few things happened. First, I was tickled pink. Really, little ole me? Why I’d be honored, I drawled… in my head. Fact is, I am honored. I truly felt a wee bit giddy at the invitation. Me? Invited to play with the big girls? Yippee! Then I simmered down and got to business, all details and whatnot, like those big girls: What’s the prompt? When do I need to have it done by (tomorrow night! Eek!)? How do I add that Linky thing? I got info. and assured Kelly that I could indeed be trusted. I checked in with Emily at The Waiting, Kelly’s weekly comrade in arms, and assured her of the same things.  But the final thing that happened, was that I got…

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Mother, Writer, treasure hunter, aging red head, and sushi lover. This is my view on life, "Straight up, with a twist––" because life is too short to be subtle! Featured blogger for Huffington Post, and followed on Twitter by LeBron James– for reasons beyond my comprehension.
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