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June 9th is always a bump in the road for me. Sometimes the bump is a gentle reminder; it passes with quiet acknowledgement and private thoughts. Other times it throws me akimbo––my arms invisibly flailing, my legs shaky, my thoughts … Continue reading

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Some Words of Grief and Hope

  This morning a song (isn’t it always a song?) brought a tsunami of walled up grief down on me, and I sat in my kitchen and cried, and cried, and cried. Me, the queen of tears, hasn’t cried in … Continue reading

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B=C…One Blogger’s Seven Year Itch

If you’re one of the 10,000 subscribers to this blog, and you thought I was gone for good, I wouldn’t blame you. Of course, that number–– TEN THOUSAND–– a number I worked so hard for and I coveted when I … Continue reading

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50 Happy Things: Bloggers Unite In A Flood of Gratitude

Last year, I followed in the footsteps of Jen over at Jenny’s Lark, and I wrote a list of 50 things I was grateful for in 2014. The list actually became 60 things, because I still had time and I had … Continue reading

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Pop Goes My Cherry… Losing My BlogHer Virginity

Note:  I wrote most of this post, on the plane home from BlogHer14, five days ago. I was feeling energized, excited and enthusiastic to share the experiences I had there. But re-entry was not easy. I got home to all … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Here in the Pacific Northwest, spring has sprung. There are tulip and daffodil tips up all over, and the crocus are just beautiful! Soon it will be time for the Skagit valley Tulip Festival… an annual collective orgasm of beauty, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge– Layers

It was hours and miles to travel– layers of time and history. It was layers of distance up: first by plane, then by car, and finally on foot– Layers of air, up in altitude, that made our muscles ache and … Continue reading

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30,000: Arrogance Abounds, and That Should Be At Least A Bronze!

Another detour, not because I’m tired of blogging about Peru, but because I miss blogging about other things, and hitting 30,000 hits on my blog today is well worth celebrating! Last night I almost posted something about hitting 30,000, but … Continue reading

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Brought to you by the number 10,000…or One Big Ego Trip in the Blog World

Note:  This is one big, tooting my own horn blog entry. If you just can’t stomach it, move to another page now. Seriously, switch pages. I could even suggest some other things to read instead: Some of my favorite books; or … Continue reading

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Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda…

What a month it’s been, what a week! Ok, what an amazing summer, for me to take stalk, explore new roads (literally and figuratively) and to look at a lot of things with new eyes. Coming out of some dark, … Continue reading

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