30,000: Arrogance Abounds, and That Should Be At Least A Bronze!

This is what I found this morning, while I was busy checking on sex at the Olympics

Another detour, not because I’m tired of blogging about Peru, but because I miss blogging about other things, and hitting 30,000 hits on my blog today is well worth celebrating! Last night I almost posted something about hitting 30,000, but I was nearly 70 hits away. I should have figured that something about sex and the Olympics would bring in 70 readers, easily. Who isnt’ curious about that? But, I wasn’t really doing the math and when I got up this morning and had already hit 30,000 it was a very pleasant surprise. So from this point to the end of this brief post, I will proceed to toot my own horn, blatantly brag and gloriously gloat. You’ve been warned. (And thank you Pink, AKA Pinkagendist, for helping me out!)

One year ago (plus 3 days, technically) I was Freshly Pressed (Check out the current recipients). Being Freshly Pressed is the crown jewel of posting on Word Press. Theoretically, you’ve made it once you are Pressed. However, I was a new blogger at the time, only having blogged for 6 weeks, and it was a total surprise. Frankly, I didn’t actually know what it meant. I didn’t aspire to it (yet) or appreciate the impact, until the day it happened. As a new blogger, I was still completely clueless about uploading pictures, adding links, tags, all that stuff. I was an utter newbie and had only read a few Freshly Pressed myself. A year later I appreciate that positive acknowledgement, that cyber praise, but no longer seek it. I write for me and hope others will find something meaningful in my writing, and sincerely this blog has been key to my sanity this year.

Saving my sanity: I blogged through the decline of mother’s health, suffering from Huntington’s, and her blindsiding death on December 31, 2011. Those of you who read those posts sent your thoughts and support and it meant more to me than most of you probably realize. As I came out of that difficult time you cheered my happier posts, as I hosted two exchange students and our home became the U.N.  As a mother I’ve posted about growing pains with my kids and growing pains in myself, and many of you have written in to say “me too,” “you’re normal,” or “you made me laugh.” Sharing with others and feeling part of a tribe makes a lot of things better, and writing about those things and getting your responses has been a validation that I didn’t anticipate when I started blogging.

iamgratefulhowareyou.wordpress.com image

A year later, I feel good about my writing. I feel good about the feedback and thoughts that come back at me in response to that writing. I know a lot more about uploading pictures, links and other cyber info, now (hence all the cool graphics to support my gloating and bragging here), and that makes my posts a bit more interesting for all of you as well. A year ago I rarely had more than 20 views a day (those were the good days) and now I rarely have less than 200. The summer is a slump and like so many other writer-bloggers I strive to not look too hard at the stats in July and August. Like a junky however, I do need a daily fix. I generally check the site stats at least once a day, unless I’m traveling.  A year later I know what stats mean and I have goals and vision for my blog. One year later, when you type Tales From the Motherland into Google, my blog is the first thing that comes up. That is something to brag about!

This is the country stats for the last week. Coolio!

I love that WordPress has added cool things that allow me to see what countries my hits are coming from. Some weeks I get more from seeing how many countries have viewed my blog than from how high the numbers are. Watching the Olympics, it’s fun to see what countries are at the game and on my blog site. Seriously, is Moldova at the Olympics? Belarus? Ecuador? Sri Lanka? Qatar? At least one reader in each of those countries have visited my blog in this last quarter, and that makes me feel excited, proud, giddy even! The fact that I can see details like where the hits are from, what search engines people used to find me, or which posts were particularly popular lets me know what I’m doing right, and what I’m doing wrong… and despite the fact that I write for myself (what I want to say, what I’m thinking about), and I try very hard not to think too much about the people I do and don’t know who might be reading, it is rewarding to see that my posts reach others all over the world. (Below, you can see the countries where readers have checked out my blog, over the last quarter.  That’s right, it takes 3 images to show you them all, she said braggingly.)


I try not to gloat. Really I do. But 30,000 is a really flipping big number and admittedly, for this one day I’m feeling really impressive. I felt like a WordPress rock star today. I know there are others out there, some of whom I follow, who do this all the time. Lesley Carter (of Bucket List Publications) probably does this about every 10 days, and it blows me away. Mikalee Byerman has hit millions, even if she did use a brick. I get it: there are much bigger rock stars out there, but today I get to toot my own horn and I am. I am also stretching the limits of my readers’ patience by posting twice, but I’m that good today.

Compare with stats at the top, 12 hrs apart. Also note that Sex sells. The top hits for today are all posts people think are about sex… even if they’re not.

One final outright boast:  A year ago when I’d just been Freshly Pressed, and was a newbie, I was sitting at well below 10,000 hits and about 7,000+ came in from that one post (The Grass Is Always Greener On Someone Else’s Head). I hit the 10,000 mark in October with a huge push from the readers who checked out Freshly Pressed and found me by accident. Today, 10 months later, and 20,130193 (as I type) more hits, those hits are all from my own hard work and writing. No influx of people who see me and drop in briefly. I have 493 Followers (can’t wait to hit 500) who check this out enough to keep the numbers growing. That is truly gloat worthy in this girl’s world. I am proud of that fact and what I’ve done in one year.

This is me demonstrating my Olympic style swagger

So, I may not be winning any real awards for this, no gold medals, nothing tangible: But thank you one and all for helping that number grow. Thanks for supporting my desire to write and express myself. Thanks for making me a rock star, a gold (or at least a bronze) medalist for a day. Hip hip hooray, I’m 30,000 today!

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16 Responses to 30,000: Arrogance Abounds, and That Should Be At Least A Bronze!

  1. Holly Michael says:

    You are doing great! Wow! 30k. I enjoyed your post. But what does “freshly pressed” mean. Am I missing something?


    • Freshly Pressed are the blogs that WordPress choose each day to highlight on their main page. Those posts tend to get hundreds and even thousands of hits, often in 1-5 days, when they are posted. If you are chosen on a Friday (as I was) then your post is up for 3 full days and thousands of people see it. It’s a great honor and an enormous boost to a blog. I appreciate you checking out my post Holly and leaving a comment. Good luck with your writing! 🙂


  2. Congrats! The best is yet to come!


  3. Jonesingafter40 says:

    You have much to celebrate! Enjoy your big day and rock on! 🙂


  4. You have every right to celebrate — 30,000 is HUGE!

    And yeah, about my “millions” … you also know that I may be “slightly prone to exaggeration” … right? Even “slightly” may be an exaggeration…


    Congrats to you, my virtual friend. So glad to be along on your journey!


    • Thanks Mikalee… hell, you deserve kudos for figuring out how to post an exaggerated hit number (yes, I’d guessed it was fudged)! But, you still rock and that’s why I keep coming back. Our virtual love is virtually mutual. Hugs and thanks for all of your support.


  5. pinkagendist says:

    30,000 for a year is excellent!!! But I won’t gloat as to my 5/6 month figure as to not make anyone jealous 😀


    • Oh come on Pink, tell just me… I can handle it. What are your stats? Come on… I know you want to. 😉 Thanks for supporting me and all the cyber fun on the side. I’m enjoying getting to know you. I hope you noticed the link to you in this post?? Yes, that should help your numbers too. 🙂


      • pinkagendist says:

        I did notice it and very much appreciate it 😀
        Your day with the highest amount of hits is nearly double my day with the highest amount of hits. Mine was only 875. But as a whole, as of today, 38,580 hits 😀 -but less than 400 followers, which means only a tiny percentage of people actually like what they see. But, I think that means I have a 1% blog!!!! I only please 1% of people. Hurray I’m a 1%er again, just not the kind I wanted to be!


        • HOLY COW!! THAT is amazing!! Maybe I was wrong, now I feel insignificant again. 😦 What drives me nuts is the days when too many of the hits are from people clicking on photos, links, YouTube stuff you added, etc, and not from people reading the post. Hate that. Enough to want to leave photos, etc out and see what happens… I want the writing to be what people come back for. It’s a slippery slope. My highest day was on a freshly pressed day (so doesn’t really count). I’ve never hit 800+ on any other post. Which post was your highest? This is probably unhealthy… this I’ll show you mine, yours is bigger complex I have. 😉 Mostly, I love the people I’ve met on here, that I might never have met unless… say, I went to some flamenco in Spain, wearing something truly divine.


          • pinkagendist says:

            Well, in my case it’s not all about the writing. Whenever a movie Mike was in appears on tv, a ton of people end up on the blog after searching for him. Apart from that I constantly talk about the news and current events. My most visited post in one day was about April Ashley, but my most visited post of all time is a really stupid, puerile one about how not to come out to your family. Fortunately the 2nd most visited one is an Umberto Eco article about political correctness that I translated from Italian to English- that sort of gives me hope the world isn’t entirely filled with idiots 😀
            Technically speaking, I’ve noticed posts of no more than 500 to 700 words get read more (and more likes) than the longer ones. When they’re longer I think they scare people off. When they’re too serious but don’t cause outrage, they also scare people off… it’s not an easy balance to achieve, but we’ll get there 😀


  6. Valery says:

    I am glad you get such wonderful validation because that means I get to keep on reading! 🙂 Now go back and finish Peru, break time is over 😉



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